Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have a ridiculous crush on Michael Cera right now. I don't know why this man is so mother fucking charming! I bet he listens to really good music too. He probably listens to Arcade Fire to A Tribe Called Quest. We'd have some serious car rides. Ohhh yeahhh.. Michael Cera car rides. If I had an ipod, I'd give it to Michael Cera to fill. Along with other things to fill.. I've said too much!
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Nick and Norah's Playlist, Year One, Superbad, Paper Heart.. ugghhh.. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH. Wal-mart, Superstore, AND HMV were sold out/didn't have Nick and Norah's Playlist. It was pretty heart-breaking.. so I bought Paper Heart instead.. which was good, but not enough Cera in it to please my fix. haha.
I wish Big Dancing was tonight. I have so much to do, but I don't wanna do it. I come home and am seriously so beat I just wanna veg out. & I think that's fucking okay. I mean, fuck, I've been working my ass off every day for like two weeks. So, veg on Botch, veg on?
I need a hair cut. This witch wig is really starting to irritate me. Some hair dyage and cuttage in this biatch, please?! YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY WANT? A beer. Just one.. or two.. to five. Maybe five. Five max. HAHA. Seriously though. I don't have any beer. I have vodka, but that's hella alcoholic status if you drink vodka.. alone. SO.. anyone wanna come over? I have BBQ chicken if that sells the option more? BLAAAHHHHH!!! I WANNA PARTY!
School should be free. I'm good at this, and this, can I take this? WHY SURE, sign up here.. you should have to pay when you miss school or do bad in it. That makes more sense to me. We probably would have everyone working jobs.. and not so many dumb people working professional jobs.. I know an engineer who works at Tim Horton's. Like really?
This post really isn't as positive as I had originally thought it would be.. but uhh, I'm in a really good mood. I had a really good day! AAAAAAANNDDDD, really good meals. Tofu and a banana for breakfast, eggplant for a pre-lunch snack. A beach salad and soup for lunch, and sushi for dinnnaaahhh. Meal plan is well on its way.. I ain't goin' to the beach the way I look right now lol. Must step game up. Bianca and I originally weighed the same weight.. BTW MY DEAR, if anyone asks you how much you weigh, never answer.. LOL.. but now this girl is working her ass off at the gym.. and I'm standing next to her like.. "Can you stand over there?" hahaha. Let me catch up dammit!

My name is Botch, and apparently, this is my blog.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me for being frank, did you get a boob job?

syntifik said...

I don't believe in boob jobs.

lug2 said...

LOL to the boob ! |BIG DANCING THURSDAY??!!


syntifik said...

yeah didn't love that.. LOL
seeee you tomorrow!

Bonibelle said...

LOL @ the boob job. Out of all people, you're the last to ever need one bahaha

syntifik said...

i'm getting all kinds of boob jobs. one every six months is the goal.

Anonymous said...

She's lying, I know for a fact she got a boob job.

syntifik said...

lol wtf? no i didn't.