Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am really sick right now. I guess all this being sad and then being angry and never sleeping DOES take a toll on you. If I had magic powers I would magically bring myself chicken soup, a big glass of orange juice, vicks vapour rub, a cloth on the forehead and my pillows all fluffed. I mean, if I had magic powers I guess I could make myself BETTER, but I kind of life the comfiness of sick sometimes. Disregard the copious amounts of coughing, blowing my nose every five seconds and the fact that my voice is almost gone.. Blankets tend to feel warmer, beds feel more welcoming, and sleep.. well.. sleep is just heaven.
Aside from my downfall of a day, I had a pretty good one. I got myself sushi (the only meal I ate today in fear of yacking it all out), I bought new underwear (needed it so bad), and I got a new bath mat! For those of you who have been to my house know that I've been using a new towel every week. Well I finally dished out the $16 to get a good bathmat. It should make showers and brushing the teeth much more enjoyable.
It was nice today. I finally got out of the funk and placed myself in a good place. I'm not completely happy, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still thinking of my grandpa 90% of the day.. but it was nice. Nice to feel sunshine and experience some what of an ordinary feel good day.
Wednesdays my boyfriend doesn't stay at my house so tonight is my last night with him til Thursday. I'm going to abuse his body warmth to the fuckin extreme tonight.

Oh, and I'd give anything to place myself right where the above photo was taken. I need a vaycay so fucking bad already!

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