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my boyfriend asked me to do this review like three weeks ago or some shit, and i was like "yeah yeah, i'll get to it". well.. it's time.

i don't think i can fully express my appreciation for cole. every single fucking time i hear a j cole song that i haven't heard before - i rewind it. dude is so ridiculously blessed with words, it's beautiful. there are some music days, where you throw something new on, and you just let it play. you can't do that with j cole, you have to sit there, with a clear head, and just take in every word he says. it's rare that the dude actually has a bad line, and that's what's so crazy. each line is followed right after previous awesome.. so while you're breathing in one line, he's already on his third.. and then you gotta rewind it back. this tape is no different.
the back to the topic freestyle made me want to lick his face.. "voice gone as shit, i think it's gonna make it sound a lil, a lil iller".. but i don't want to just talk about swimfanism.
"you got it" is the first song i heard before listening to the mixtape front to back.. and the line "know you got a 9-5, i'll be your 5-9". AHHH. yeah. yeah j cole, yeah. I JUST MIGHT CHANGE YA LIFE!
i think the best part about this mixtape is that when you first hear a song, your first initial instinct is, "HOLLYYY SHIT!! this song is so fucking good, it's my favorite song on the tape".. then you hear the next song, and you say the exact same thing.
"you got it" is probably the weakest song on the tape.. and that might sound like i'm dragging the tape down, but i'm not. that just goes to show how fucking good it is. this shit needs to be hard copied and sold everywhere.. and if i haven't convinced you yet.. let me continue.
i am always thoroughly impressed with him. i don't want to compare this to the warm up either. a friend of mine asked me which i think is better, and i won't answer it. that's like asking me what do i like better, puppies or kittens. there's no higher level between the two for me. he surely isn't getting worse, and keeps impressing.
this tape goes in j cole's head, and throws his thoughts down musically.. aside from that, most of the production is done by the man himself. admirable. he is puttin in wooork.
i loove best friend too.. i love it all, but really relating to best friend right now. that shit is soo good.. i nearly fucking cried to this one. the production on this is so good! flipped aaliyah, and it worked more than well.. every song is my favorite. seriously. i can't keep saying "i love this song", because seriously i love them all. every single song, is my favorite.
ALSO, let me throw this in the air, i am a BIG, and AVID, 90's hip hop junkie. most of the hip hop i listen to, is a decade old.. most of the time, when i listen to "new" hip hop, it's because of my mixtape mondays.. or i hear shit when i'm out, and usually have no idea what it is.. i'm big on supporting old hip hop, and it's rare i give new artists a shot.. but j cole is the fucking future right now. he is fully taking hip hop in the right direction, and he's doing it without being a veteren, we need that right now. so raw. so fucking raw.. and i'll continue to eat the fuck out of this mixtape probably until the end of the year and beyond. get it now.

5 out of fucking 5.
be the one to tell me different. p.s. still love "blow up", shit needs to play everywhere.


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syntifik said...

totally, villematic is siiick. the whole tape is sick.

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on any Monday posts, buuuut... I had to find out if what I was hearing was Aaliyah lol

... and it waaaas!

That is all <3

- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

that it is, my dear!