Tuesday, November 16, 2010


no matter how many times i say it, i feel like people don't get it. i live, eat, sleep and breathe music. every second of every day i'm either thinking about music or listening to it.
someone recently got at me saying that i support wack artists, and i took offense to it. i will forever attend every concert/show that intrigues me, even if that show is at a rubby ass pub with a capacity of 50 people. even if i have to be on a greyhound for 18 hours. even if i have to make a 30 hour drive and not eat for days. & yes, i've done all three.
i'm really bad at studying. i think everybody is in a sense, but i'm horrible. the only way i remember things is if i write them over and over, and doing that becomes a drag so i usually end up writing about things more relevant to life.
i believe that no one should be judged on their status/position. i still judge from time to time but i make my best fuckin' efforts not to. i was valedictorian at my grad and received a writer's award from the lieutenant governor and at the same time was working at a fuckin' flea market, SELLING SOUP. people there treated me like scum, talked to me like i was at the bottom of the fuckin' food chain. fuck you mother fuckers. living in the north end for over ten years also gave me some tough experiences, and sometimes when people let words slip like, "are you a fucking idiot?" i wanted to yell, "NO mother fucker, do you have any fuckin' idea how SMART i am?!!!?". i believe that everything comes at proper times, and just because i've been in shitty situations doesn't mean my intellect didn't take me out of them.
i believe all security guards (here i go judgin') are dicks. this probably doesn't go toward ALL security guards, but most moments i've had with them have been fucked up experiences. i feel like most of these fucks are power trips and think they can do anything just because they have a specific tshirt on. listen bud, you're not a fucking cop, settle the fuck down. i should save this for a what's wack wednesday.
kid cudi and nas are in battle for applications to be my husband.. uhhhh.. i love you alex?
i really want to own a little black dress. i have dresses that are black but they don't fit the category. i want the one that fits every occasion. i have a little black skirt that i fucking wear everywhere, and i fear it getting faded. it gets worn at LEAST once a week, no joke. that baby is my pride and joy. who doesn't love comfort in the form of a fuckin mini?! I DO!
i break hearts.

my name is botch & this is my blog.


Anonymous said...

IS THAT A RAZORBLADE BRACELET!!!! Where in the heavens did you get such a t hing! Please fill us in!!!

jHeff said...

Music for life, homeslice....just wait because I'm gonna be a rockstar lol
And people who read your blog should already see how well your mind works haha for real. Minus all the hiphop and minus all of your past experiences, just the way you can gather your thoughts and write them so vividly...unreal.

syntifik said...

#1: tis, my brothers girlfriend actually found it and gave it to me. i thought it was lame at first but it's now one of my most frequent jewelery pieces!

#2: oh how i've missed your comments! this one really made my heart all warm and tingly inside! when you're a rockstar i wanna be your publicist! CALLED IT!

Ron said...

I don't ever recall studying in school. I just... absorbed certain things and really worked the shit out context clues.


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