Wednesday, December 9, 2009


SHOUT OUT TO PUUUUSH. slow. go slow.
i'm angry. with a little shot of annoyed. for no reason. cause i just am! i wanna buy shoooes. i just wanna buy shoes. but yo. back track,i need money for that. too bad i can't. cause it's christmas! & i love christmas!!! how many christmas presents you bought so far botch?! yeah man don't even sweat it. none. lol. fack. i'm slackin yo, i'm slackin. christmas hasn't hit me yet. i'm tooo.. something.
i don't. know. yeahhhhh.
get me the fuck outta here. i just wanna sleep all the time cuz when i'm awake it's like "ugh. this shit, again?!" i miss belmonts. smoking these cot damn philippines cigarettes is another annoyance and a half. buy me bellies! uhhhh.. if someone could also deliver a six pack of mgd to my refrigerator i would be forever grateful. mother fucking @#$&!@#!*^!!
yo botch! chill the fuck out for a second! what chu want!? i WANT a beer. i WANT belmonts. i WANT a full wallet. i WANT to christmas shop. i WANT to hang out with bianca.. and my boyyys.. and i waaaaannnttt to write better blog entries than thissss.


Anonymous said...

lol cheer up. here's a joke.

"a man walks into a bar. Ouch!"

right? i know.

syntifik said...

thanks.. you up-lifted my down-lift!