Monday, December 14, 2009


it ended up being alright.
we pulled up to the trash heap and in a long moment of silence i went "what.".. lol but after about three turned corners, shit was bomb. which kind of makes you re-think things don't it!? the grass on the other side could really truly just be around the corner.. just in time for a wedding.

basketball captain for what yall

cute right!

we're juzz here while yall are freezin back in winnipeg .. no biggie!!

my triumphant moment of finding my camera!

then night time arrived.

oooh ooh !! hi boyfriend!

hi couple!

our view from the balcony


some drunk guy down below kept yelling "you think you're the president up there?! with all your money?! get out of our country! you're not true filipinos!" my cousin ripped him, don't worreh.

i need to have this dance every day.

we made it rain/.

it's that time.

hey !

ocean view! after the wedding, we took a dip in the ocean whilst listening to my brother and cousin blasting their voices on the beach from the loud balcony speakers.. dont worreh, they're singing was perfect lol

this is sean, he is my buddy.


rose petals!

fire dancers were bomb.

absolutely bomb.

AND IM SPENT! good night.


Maribeth said...

Oh thank god, you survived that mountain of garbage lol. told you, you'd see beautiful things right beside ugly ones.

the wedding pictures are tooooo cute. are your sisters white ripper shoes are awesome! the fire dancer pictures you got are great too!

syntifik said...

haha i know, shit was so gnarly..

wedding was BOMB. stripper shoes be her forte.. credit for the fire pictures go to lex.. mine woulda been better but ay, you know.