Saturday, March 14, 2009


"wanna hear my favorite song!?" today tj sang taylor swift. i think i hate her even more now. so you guys won. i am in drake mode. i'm embarrassed to say it, but he's not bad. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! i really like blu&exile. i know i'm late. but BLU IS SO NASTY! like fuck. sex for my ears dude. so i still have no money and no phone. sick right. I KNOW. i still haven't posted my toronto pics, sorry for the delay. i was doing the pay roll today and i'm not a fan. being in charge of everyone's money.. ugh. there were some people i wanted to take hours off, but i didn't cuz i'm not that shiesty. LOL. i still have pics from last week i need to upload. forgive my lag but my camera is so fucked! i lost a pair of concords today. story of my life. i get my phone next week. the latest i'll get it is thursday. so yeah. i'll blog about it as soon as it's in my palms. "yo botch you got facebook?" NOPE! "yo botch what's your number?" NOPE! yeah it sucks. so just wait a little bit, for my phone, not facebook. fb heads can eat my nuts freal.

feelin: excited as fuck!
listen: scholarman - my passion


Anonymous said...

Did you punch TJ in the face after he sang that shit to you!?

I'm too lazy to sign in. It's Bonibelle lol.

syntifik said...

haha nah unfortunately i did not as it was over the phone.. if it was live it would've been a guarantee.