Sunday, March 15, 2009


JUST BAILS!! lol you're a gay fag. uhh fuck i had so much to type and it just left me. finished rant, FINALLY. i just haven't had the time?! &i know it's like "yeah right you don't even go anywhere anymore" UHH SHUT UP. i don't have time. but i finished it, more on that later. i miss my brother:( WAIT TIL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT. faCk bitches. i tore apart everything i own today and found $8.. which was fucking exciting. but i was also out of cigarettes. can't afford belmonts so i had to settle, for canadian classics. a 20 pack of canadian classics. 7.86 for that shit. you do the math. "you wanna do lunch botch?" nah kid i got bills to pay, i got moves to make, but my flight lands at 8 dont be late.. ya ok anyways. i'm severely sleep deprived.. but that ain't my bad cuz like i can't sleep. i don't get tired til like 4am, then at like 8am i'm awake and like, shit. that kinda blows. teej asked "how do you sleep so late and wake up so early!?" i don't know tj. i just.. don't know. this is gonna be a long entry. brace urselves. so i should have a phone by thursday, thats some good news. i realized i left my fucking notepad in my purse when it got stolen. which included all daily activity i had to handle, book pages, etc. kinda bummed me out.
the weather was IIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL today. hello going for cigarettes with a t shirt on. yo. you feelin this? only downfall is the fucking meltage. water was seepin into my zoo yorks faster than pre-cum outta 14yrolds jerkin it. ya like that?! kinda gross. so our water boys number was all gone-zo's or something, so we've been buying that gay ass bottled water. it's bull shit. water bottles all over my room! so he calls today after like a week and he's like "this is the new number". oh yA? thanks for the tip homay.
so this dude always asks me "hows ur boyfriend?!" and i'm always like "i don't have one!" and he goes "ohhhhh i thought you didddd..!!" or some shit like that. anyways, today he said it again, and i rebelled, im like "HES GOOD." and he goes "oh what? i wanted to hook you up with this guy.. he's 25." like him being 25 is supposed to be extra sexy or something. i don't fuck with asians no more, sorry. they're kinda crazy. ooooh big burn to all ya hatahs.
did i mention i paid for that pack of cigarettes with like nickels and dimes? good times. i've missed so much sports it's REDIC. i'm so behind. not only that but i know about no current events/tv shows/celeb gossip, etc. not that i care about that shit cuz ay, i just care about my life and thazz it. but still, kinda embarrassing during conversations and im just like "buhhhhhh.. yes." rant taught me about 'lineage'.. ANYONE INTERESTED IN A GOOD OL CONVERSATION ABOUT LINEAGE? sounds tempting, i know. i just took out lost boyz, common and digital underground and put in santogold, kanye, and the fratellis. nigga thas random. this is random, actually.
i wanna pick up my phone! cmon life, go faster. then once i get my phone, go sloooowwwer. ryan just messaged me saying "i have homosexual studies". haha uhh what? weirdo. i wanna party! except, not party. i just want like 8 beers, food, and someone to be like "fuck botch ur so annoying!!" and i'll respond, "yaaaa right, im so funny!" hahaha. that scenario played out real funny in my head. i want a bed in a bag! a nice downe one, all white. sounds sexy right.. too bad it's like $100, and thats for like a cheap walmart version. i want the good shit ! i just need to win the lottery.. BUT FIRST, i gotta buy a ticket. which i never do cuz im like "eh". but really, i think one day im just gonna come across luck money.. then all my haters will be on my balls like "fuck botch ur sooo cool". and i'll be like "yaa i know, ya broke bitch!"
lotta dialogue in this entry ay.. i dunno whats up with that/ i miss bianca. i've been thinking about doing weekly themed entries. it's just a thought, i don't wanna say i'm gonna do it cuz look what happened with my 365. promises you can't keep = puke on a platter. but ya, we'll see.
bored yet? still reading? good. in that case. YOU, and you alone reader, are the sexxiest mother fucker ever. how the fuck do you do it!?
amber has my chicago bulls cap, and my book. jono has my scarf. bianca still has my bag LOL. my sister has my tshirt and sweats. all my shit's so scattered. and im too lazy. so uhh, bring it to me whenevs? lol. fuck i went this long, no rush.
see if i had my cell phone, this entry wouldn't be here, cuz i'd just be texting bitches "YO!" beggin' for a joke or some shit like that.
fuck your baby's ugly. it's like gross. and i know it's like kinda fucked up that i'm saying that. but shit. ew. wtf is that alien baby. haha makes sense though. moms and dads is sure a fail.....and i wonder why i got my shit stolen, when karma's knockin at my door. tomorrow i gotta clean my room. freal. FOR REAL. anddd if i don't .. well then. i just don't know. i need to start wearing my retainers. ugh. i know it's not a hard task but it always feels like it is.. almost like working out. even though they're so diff. fuck as if tomorrow's monday. of all days, it's monday. sucks ay? gza's on a monday. WHY GZA WHY!? ok. thas enough! time for me to like try and sleep but not really sleep.

feelin: sleepy
listen: drake - successful