Friday, February 25, 2011


Alex doesn't do romantic things too often, so I'm excited enough to do an entry about it. My boyfriend just sent me this video. "i heard this song while driving and it made me think of you and miss you even more. no really .... goodnight".
& some days, no matter how many times I fuck up, or how many times he fucks up, how far away from each other, how many days he's gone, how many days I'm gone, the poor decisions we make, the words yelled, the drama, the exes, the boys, the fights, the arguments, the shame, the nagging, the towels on the bathroom floor, or my thongs drying in the bathroom for too long, the worst days ever.... they seem to just.. disappear. Couldn't help but cry for this one, just because I realize, that no matter what I do, at the end of the day. This guy is down for me, through whatever. & that feeling is some kind of.. re-assuring. Love.

xoxo, babe. I'll see you Sunday.


I Was Here said...

this here is sweeter than peaches :)
yay fo you the bf botch.
Its okay to cry sometimes, your only audience is yourself.
Cheers to love

syntifik said...

hahha he truly is a doll some days!