Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm on a j. cole tip. I don't have time for anything, unless it's fun. At least, I make it that way. I'm introducing capitals to the blog. Welcome capitals. I'm getting even better at missing phone calls/texts/bbms. I swear, I try not to. I personally feel like I'm on my berry 24/7.. and I'm still getting messages like, "yo Botch answer me!". I'll even reply and get, "Holy ten years later". Yeah, I'm no good at this technology craze.
I've been thinking about starting to use my twitter. Thinking about it. THINKING about it. Some people on twitter are fucking hilarious. I just hate the word, "twitter". It seems so fucking "Oh you're one of those".
I bought myself a fur coat yesterday. Actually, Bianca and I both did. If we ever go out wearing them at the same time, feel free to make fun of us. One person at a time lady!
My boyfriend leaves tomorrow til Sunday and I'm fucking jealous. This guy goes on trips more than hookers give blowjobs. Or so it feels like, some days. I need a vacation too, but I'm trying to be smart and save some moolah for.. nothing. I'm just trying to save to benefit myself. I still splurge like a bitch though. Just, a little less. I just want to shop and eat and hang out?
My sleeping hours are so fucked up right now. I'm falling asleep at like 7pm, and waking up at 3am, then staying awake for a bit, falling back asleep. It's not a good system. Too much partying, not enough sleeping. Too much sleeping, not enough cleaning. Toss up between the two.
Being 23 is such a drag. Except when people say, "You're 23? You're so young!". Feed it to me people, feed it to me.
If I keep typing like this, will I get judged more for my errors and mistakes? Cuz if that's the case I'm about to ditch.

My name is Botch, & this, is my blog.


Anonymous said...

Those fur coats are PIMP!! I'd say Watch out now!


I LOVE hanging out with you!! and i Love your face!

syntifik said...

i know i'm so fun right.