Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i am really into the drums and two cinema door club right now. yeeeowww..! i burned a cd today. it took me two hours. yes. i run a blog but have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to downloading.. or figuring out where these files go once downloaded.. i mean.. i EVENTUALLY figured out.. but i'm just not so quick and with it as other computer saavy people are.
now that my blackberry is working, the keys have decided not to.. THEY STILL WORK, just now when i press the letter "a" (among with others), it comes out as "aaaaaaaaaa" LOL. which i guess is better than it not working at all.. this happened last night, so, THAT MARKS THE END OF BAD LUCK JANUARY! a broken berry, pfft! that's nothin!
i REALLY.. really.. want to go shopping.. and i also want to spend this weekend doing nothing but watching movies in my pajamas! ufc and superbowl weekend?! pfft. i haven't been following football at allllll.. which is off because this is the first superbowl where i know nothing, what's going on?!.. green bay and the steelers?! i guessed. my dad literally made me watch football when i was a kid, and i was all for it.. when he stopped making me, i begged to watch with him.. i'll watch the superbowl though, with scarborough as a sport crazy sort of fellow, it's my only option. SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! he just walked in the door. how do you do that?
the weather is cold. sucks don't it toronto! have some winnipeg! i haate this shit so freaking much, but i've had a ride for most of the past two weeks so it's not so bad.

i'm bill strugglin. coachella dreamin. music drowning. work overloading.

my name is botch, and this is my blog.