Tuesday, January 11, 2011


in the above picture, i'm trying to get my ice cubes. it was deathly hot, and ice cubes were my only fix. it's a disgustingly awesome picture.. but only because of the scenario. i didn't celebrate my birthday this year. i'm only a little sad about it. birthdays are kind of a big deal to me, but i couldn't figure this one out. anyone who says they love hip hop more than me, is lying lol.
i had braces for over four years, and some days i wish i still had them. braces rule, and anyone who doesn't love theirs are craaazyy. i loved my mouth full of metal. it was an accessory i never had to take off, nor was allergic to. aww yeahhh!
i haven't slept in in.. since like.. new years day?! and i think even then, i woke up at 10am.. which isn't much of a sleep in.. which is really some kind of bizarre cause i fucking love to sleep.
i sometimes get the feeling i'm not "girly" enough. my boyfriend says i'm extremely girly.. but like, 40% of my purchases, are bought in the men's department. i figure if i wear it with a trashy shade of lipstick, i'll still feel feminine.
growing up people always told me i had nice hands and nice legs. i fully appreciate my hands, although it's a weird asset to love.. i haven't grown the self-confidence to appreciate my legs, i hate my thighs.. but i'm working on it.
today someone says to me, "BOTCH! didn't you used to freestyle?!" hahahaha. OHHHH MAAANN. i replied with nervous laughter and a, "haha.. uhh. kind.. of". most embarrassing moment of my life, honestly.
i love desserts. if it were up to me, desserts would be meal size, and meals would be dessert size. although, i hate super sweet things.. like white chocolate *gag. i fucking hate you white chocolate. you're so gross. i liiiive for baklava though. baklava, cannoli, shmoo cake, hazelnut anything.. ohhhh yeahh! live it up.
superkid and peanut butter ice cream are my favorite flavors. does anyone know where i can get superkid ice cream in bulk?! i'd eat that shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
i haven't been in a blogging mood lately. getting no comments seriously does some damage to your self-esteem.. it's like i know people read my shit, but it doesn't feel right. kinda like i put out a movie, it sold out, but i didn't get a single review. it's some bull shit if you ask me. relax, i'm only half angry lol.
i am going to see rick ross tonight.. whip it real hard, whip it, whip it, real hard.

my name is botch, and this is my blog.


Maribeth said...

have fun at Rick Ross tonight!! part of your birthday celebration! you get the whole month :)

Anonymous said...

White chocolate isn't even thaaaaaaaaat bad... except for that one time I made a white chocolate cake .. with white chocolate icing. Holy hell, I cursed white chocolate for years, and I will never like it the same.

It's sad to see Baskin Robbins gone btw. I know you were talking about Laura Secord, but then I thought about Baskin Robbins. Mannn my cousins go apeshit over superkid.. because they don't sell it in Calgary!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK.

WTH is wrong with your thighs!? LOL remember that comment when someone said they liked your thighs and it was like.. barely in the picture.

Good day.

- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

#1: lol.. it was definitely interesting..

#2: haha ew yuck, i hate it. never will i ever like white chocolate. yuck. i've hated it since easter bunnies back when i was a wee one. "white chocolate bunnies?! THIS ISNT EVEN CHOCOLATE" annndddd i was a great child.
i heard about baskin robbins.. they were having a sale on buckets of ice cream, but they were still like $30. i refused.
i go apeshit for krispy kremes and trix cereal whenevah i'm in the states.
i don't wanna further converse on my thighs. no thanks!