Friday, September 25, 2009


it's fridayyyyy.. hi friday. sup? you smell good. so it's friday, and i don't have anything to blog about, but i clicked new post, and here i am, so let's see what comes out.. i forgot to mention how my last 25 post was also my 200th post.. so that's pretty gnarly..
i don't wanna go out tonight and i totally do, i've been waiting to have a free day so i could get some shit done, and i could totally have that tonight but i wanna go somewhere.. and i don't. two possible outcomes tonight, hi fi, and republic. republic is always good on fridays, but i hate it there. does that make sense?! let's do a quick analogy. republic is a gross bitch, but the sex is good.. and as much as you tell yourself not to, you gotta nut, so you call her. she's fat, she's annoying, but when girl works her hips you forget about it all. hifi.. OH HIFI.. hifi used to be my alive.. except it had killer hip hop.. then it became tyc.. which basically means the place filled with youngins and fights happened every time.. so i haven't been to hi fi in like.. 6 months.. there's a new york(?) dj there tonight, and apparently he's ill na na, so what do you do.
i done showered but yet to throw some gitch on.. so bitches i am slacking.. after my run this morning, i totally did not change and rocked gym shorts the whole day, so i needed to get that shower in. i got called a "tom boy" twice for that ensemble. fucking a.
my cousin leaves tomorrow and won't be back til november 5th.. i leave in 33 days.. so we're not gonna see each other for a hot minute.. which is weird cuz we hang out every day.. literally EVERY day.
i miss my mom.

i'd make better posts if i received better comments.. boo ya.

hopefully i'll have more brain clicks after tonight's episode.. im kind of excited to see bianca.
i've been thinking of doing a new layout for this shit (thizz bloggg) for like a month now, and i still havent done it. i got all these ideas in my head, it's just hard to get then adobe'd out. i'll have pics from this weekend for sure, so you can look forwad to that? this post fucking sucks.. but a post every day for three days? *in a high voice* bitches is killlinn itttt.. throw some ideas at me guys?! i like blog homework, thats why i did the 25s.. askjdhkjhaaaa.. i just found out who justin beeber(?!) is.. and i dont get the hype. i wanna drop kick him in the face. hifi it is.. ima throw some eyeliner on now.


Anonymous said...

i still enjoyed this post:)

Anonymous said...

^^ weak comment anonymous #1.
"I wanna drop kick him in the face". BWAHAHA. Post that comment on one of his youtube videos and check the reaction you'll get from teeny boppers and male pedophiles.
Kid has some skill though. Raw talent and in my opinion, he got too big too fast. His ego has been spoon fed in the past couple years. But he's a young Canadian and it's sort of inspiring. Plus he's under Usher's wing so it should be good right? (pedophile?). Eugh. I just wanna take it nice aaaand slOoOow....

25 people you wanna drop kick in the face?

syntifik said...

#1: thanks!

#2: wow. ahhahaha.
you really think kid has skill?! iunno man, i saw him singing an accapella and it was straight wack, but im only judging off that cuz i havent heard any songs.. YOU LOVE JUSTIN BEEBER!! start a fan club;)

people i wanna drop kick in the face will be in my next post.. watch out now