Sunday, September 20, 2009


THIS IS LUPE.. singing to ME.. all because bianca and i were more than likely the only girls who knew all the lyrics.. (we love lupe more than you, sorreh) so i rapped to lupe. oh.. and then lupe took off his shirt, and gave it to us. yep. juzz another friday night.. I LOVE YOU LUPE!!!!

he came out to genesis by justice.. it was wow.

honestly he killed it.. such a wicked performer, i did not expect him to be so energetic..

front row, where we should be son!!

his guitarist was a boss.

wasn't diggin the hair at first lupe, but you worked it.. swag for days

verse from the everybody nose remix was on POINT.

"security was a waste of money" hahahah

THE CAMERA'S HERE.. and the microphone..

i got bruises on my ribs from the barricade..

bruises on my legs and arms..

some dude accidentally punched me in the face..

i was dying for water, rock the bells style..

but it was ALL worth it.

cuz lupe is life.

exact same layout as rock the bells and everything.. so paaacked. you couldn't move for the life of you.


because your shirt's hangin on my door?! ohh.. that's cool..

so the night started off with me being shit scared we wouldn't be able to get in.. we stood in line for about half an hour, luckily this shit was mad un-organized so i did get in.. and luckily i did an excellent camera hiding job, so they didn't take that shit away.. cuz the girl behind me totally got hers taken away.. so the place was packed, the beer garden was out of question.. once we saw how packed it was, it was gonna be a mission to get to the front. so bianca stepped her game up.. we maneuvered through like 500 people, to get to the front. luckily this girl and some dudes were kind of beefing, so the dude let us have a spot right in front. don't get it twisted, it took hella amounts of pushing and shoving. the people who don't really know lupe should not be at the front, bianca and i are not those people lol..
so bianca really got an elbow and a shove in, and we got there. enough people yelled and called us bitches, but it turned out alright. this girl next to me kept telling me she was in love with me, which made said standing position semi-awkward. the opening dj played like five seconds of a naughty by nature song, then he played 2 full out 50 cent songs, so that was kind of a drag.. THIS IS LUPE! grand analog came out and did their thing. garfield did a lot of chants to try and get the crowd hype but the crowd just kept dagging them and yelling for lupe. i respect grand analog, they're locals doing them, and they put on one helluvah show.. so shut up richard!! the singer totally slipped on some water, and took a hard fall.. which was pretty brutal. i felt bad for them yo, they were getting little love.. they deserve more than that, SUPPORT YOUR LOCALS.
so before lupe came on, it was rock the bells de ja vu. we were in the fucking concentration camp again, dying for water. i don't know how many people passed out, but one girl a few people away from me, was one. we were all de-hydrated, and it was hot as fuck. i tried telling security i was going to pass out, but he was an asshole and wouldn't give me water. please, you didn't do shit that night, you could've at least given me a water. eventually once they started realizing how bad it was, water started getting handed out.. and bianca and i were able to grab one bottle, along with five other hands grabbing the same bottle. bianca was vicious tonight and was able to whip that shit down.. while some dude gave me a black eye for it. that's how thirsty these people were..! lol.. whatever, we got the water.. and i shared it with bianca and gave the remainder to the dudes behind us cuz they let us stand in front of them.
then all of a sudden, justice's genesis comes on.. and lupe comes out. his set was dope.. he did A LOT off of the cool, which is better than food & liquor in my opinion anyways.. he also did shining down off of lasers, but that's all he performed off lasers, so it's looking like that album still remains a surprise.. go go gadget flow was on poooiiinttt.. matthew santos didn't turn out for superstar like i predicted, but it was still bomb.. i never liked high definition, until that concert. he was consistent the whole way through, and the beginning, middle and end of his performance was legit. he kept his energy high, and the jumping did not stop.. he almost fell once cuz of how intense he is..!! he's an amazing performer!! this was my second time seeing lupe, but i must say, it felt like my first. i have a ton more videos with more shitty sound quality, which i will post in my lupe fiasco part 2 post.. they include TWO times where some mother fucker was able to jump on stage.. security just stood there like "duh-- are these guys part of the show?!" and lupe kept on pointing to try and get them off stage.. it was pretty funny.. i was able to capture both moments on video, so look out for that in the part 2..

best night of 2009 so far?! i think so.


Anonymous said...

yo i remember seeing this shiiittt.. you're so lucky

Adrian said...

Judging by his face after that first verse, you totally impressed him. You impressed Lupe?! Rock on lol

syntifik said...

anonymous: thanks i totally remember seeing you?! or.. something.. but thanks!

adraaaaannnnnn: yeah what can i say, izz in my geneeeess.. second talent is putting bianca on lupe to impress him double time.. tag team! lol

Anonymous said...

You, you, you, yes, let the words rule you
till you woozy, let the lyrics subdue you,
Massage and soothe you, move you
Till consciousness lose you, Lu now rules you,
Do what Lu do, and you'll do beautiful.

syntifik said...

switch. im the meanest.. you the meanest, and i mean this.. to sound fiendish, but ima genious. you a genious? & the cleanest.. never seen this.. as clean as my cleanest..

if u dont knowww.... said...


syntifik said...


p.s. ?

Anonymous said...

This is so crazy