Thursday, September 17, 2009


word life. the last 25 is coming.. but i have another intermission. it's only proper.. you get breaks at work, so can i have a break from blogging?! and by break, i mean i'll do whatever the fuck i want when i want. easy botch, easy. i have a few things to blog about.. lemme go refer to my random pieces of paper with random blog notes on it.. (my memory's a draggggg..) BETWEEN GOD AND A SHOT OF..

okay.. so i done been noticing this a lot.. what is with this vast amount of girls rocking playboy?! playboy bags, playboy keychains, playboy sunglasses.. i'm starting to notice this everywhere.. and what i notice even more is that the girl with this shit is usually nast.having playboy boxers don't make you beautiful.. below the belt botch! below, the belt.

okay. so apparently every tuesday at this place is poppin. lize, bianca and i have all never been we've tried, but the line up is redic, none of us had any connections there, so after waiting twenty minutes in line we say "fuck this shit" and move on. we made an attempt finally, and got in after about a 3 minute wait. COOL! we're in.. and we get in, and it's just fucking dead! we were pretty pissed. what the fuck?! it's school time so everyone just bounces?! okay.. cool. i get it.. but cmon god throw us some chill time.. it ended up filling up more but chyea, still kinda dead man. anyway, the night ended up being off the chain! & i was sober as a bird.. HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.. oh how the tables have turned. & as for you mister "yo i read your blog, & i just have to say, nas may have won the battle but jay won the war." i don't remember your name, but that sentence is etched in my head. you came hard kid! nas is still the better emcee.. jay just has more money. we're gonna have to have a talk about that again some day.. mad chill of a dude though, mad chill, i dig your swag!

am i the only person who doesn't understand this phenomenon. it's just not my steez yo.. i don't like it. if you like that shit, fine! do you. but i refuse to believe that so many people like that shit.. yall are juzz doin it cuz everyone else is.

FACK! im sweatin as soon as i step out the door! bitches is lovinnn ittt.. my tan is back on and so is the ice cream! and beach! and hot dogs! and walks! and summer hip hop cruises.. bring it on babbyyy.. BRING. IT. ON.

ugh. ew! i hate beer in a can! i don't know why it tastes bad out of a can but it just does..!! i can deal if it's the only possible way to drink beer, but in all honestly, i would rather not. i understand why certain places don't carry bottles, gotta prevent the fights and shit, yadda yadda yadda.. i get it. but yall should have beer on tap then.. if i was the mayor..

that's all i have to rant about for today, but i had to get it in./

AND i need to get my pics out of the way, so here.. enjoy.
summer ain't over til the weatherman predicts snow. & right now the weather is bomb baby.. +34c this weekend baby..

that's christian and bianca. they homies.

yo yo blog, i'm really happy, i'm gonna finish this entry, but if you were there, you know this was possibly the best dance battle of all time.


i still want your niketalk shirt, juzzz sayin.

lol wow.. the things i do..

jason always comes correct. 11's my favorite number.

nom nom.


grand analog = too legit

he performs like pharrell.. that's no joke yo.

see what i mean?! all the girls standing in the line? or..?

oh and ztrip was dooope.. im not pregos i swears.

rock on ztrip, rock on.

hi frans:)


ro and my cousin livin laaarge

heyyy miiike!

for the sake of candids..

i just finished listening to cudi, and it's great. fuck what everyone says, the album is BOMB. so please buy it. it's fucking 12.99 if you aint strapped, cop the deluxe for 19.99.. you're fucking gross. yeah. thats it. you're fucking gross and i dunno how the fuck he bangs you. mm yum.. goat faced lookin trick pussy. that's gotta be good. i got lupe tomorrow, and keys n krates soon, and yaaa.. life is hectic.. ill post my last 25 this weekend.. that's my word. & ryan i know i done been slacking on you too..!! i haven't forgotten, it's just a lot of work but ill do it.. some dayyy.. life is hectic as fuck right now! & not just for me, things are whyyyliiiinnn!! i hope i didn't get you fired last night.. i know it's not a funny situation, but can i type in a "hahah".. okay. seriously.. i hope i didn't get you fired..!! tell them how hard life is for us! i hope everything smooths over for ya:(
this weekend is gonna be a fucking rager. i literally have ZERO free time. it's completely, fully, booked. i'm too tired to be excited, but i'm excited. i'm happy to be at home, and i'm even more happy to sleep in my bed.
however, even with all of that, there is some business that's a little down this weekend. a lot of loss for the month of september. loss is hard, and there is no certified cure, pain doesn't leave.. but time helps.. & with loss that i've dealt with, i feel that speaking does too.. so, if any of you feel the need, you can call me. i love every single one of you.. i've been sending thoughts out to all of your families, and i hope that voice can be heard. keep your head up kids, it's the only way they'll see your face from way up there, get a smile in of the memories you had.. they'll dig it i promise you.

now get off my blog and go buy man on the moon.. SUPPORT CUDI.. BLAAAAZING album.. like cmon, for 12.99, it's worth having in your collection.

see you tomorrow people, i'll be rocking out stage side.. get at me.



Anonymous said...

new hair?

syntifik said...

five showers later and it's faded to shit!! ima call it crap hair