Wednesday, July 29, 2009


and i like to eat.. and i like music.. and i like sneakers.. and i like fun.. and this is my blog. MY blog. MY 25's. alllllll MINE. can i get a "fuck" for your opinion!!? this past week has been kinda rough for me, and i've been hiding it.. nothing was really "wrong" per say, i just wasn't feelin it. everything was blah. i still kinda feel such and decided to blog about it. how do you describe 'blah' though?! everything was just coming at me a little fast, and i didn't really know what i wanted, and when i tried writing about it, i'd get severe cases of writer's block..
believe that shit, i write outside my blog! anyway, after a shit load of deadlines, endless hours of trying to make them, too many redbulls, packs of cigarettes, and catchin some friends on the side lines, i feel like today, i can breathe. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN BOTCH?! it means let's move on to the good shit.
yesterday bianca asks me if i wanna go to whiskey dix.. well not really but okay. hahah.. i have never been to whiskey dix, but i was down to see what all the "tuesday @ whiskey dix!" hype was all about. so we get there, and holy.. SOUTH END STAND UP!! i have never in my life seen so many south end people outside of south end. they were all talking their transcona talk, and one girl was all "this girl just blew smoke right into my face." UHM.. you're behind me son.. i don't control wind, and we're outside.. g'head, SAY SOMETHING! so we're in this REDICULOUS line.. for ten minutes.. twenty minutes.. thirty minutes.. forty minutes.. VIP wasn't up to par, and whiskey dix didn't even look that bumpin..
as we're in line, security is going around saying "back door, $25 a head". yo, people who really wanna club, and pay security to get in, i can understand that. they're down. but when SECURITY comes around ASKING for money, that kinda pisses me off, for the following reasons.. one, you obviously know this line isn't going anywhere, so you're using it to your advantage. two, you're abusing your power, you think nazis were all really killers?! nah, they just let power get to their heads. three, you're pocketing that shit, when that's not your job. your job is to make sure i am in a safe environment where i feel comfortable. I DID NOT FEEL LIKE THAT, and i wasn't even in the building. how am i supposed to trust my well being in the hands of someone just looking to make $400 in 10 minutes. over-exaggerating or not, that is some bull shit. so after 40 minutes in line we left that piece. the line did not move once, except for people who had been there longer decided to up and leave the line too.
so we ended up at blush (thanks for the hot spot tip au). apparently winnipeg loves girlicious.. when we got there it was just fucking WACK. i don't think i've ever had a good experience at blush, aside from method man and redman, but that shouldn't even really count. HOWEVER, things did not go horribly wrong. the music was OKAY and conversations were chill. it ended up being pretty awesome.. in a weird way. shout out to OLY! yo. you're on my blog! stop being an anonymous viewer!

with all that said. it's time to get my priorities and mind straight.. or i could just give you another 25! lol


yup. that's right. 25 questions about my mobile.. and if you don't like it, feed me ideas, cause i'm straight taking these from you bastards.. well i actually stole this one from myspace lol.. but i just gave a pretty decent entry about my night so i think it's a fair trade.. no? alright. i'll try to do a better 25 later.

What is the make and model of your phone?
the phone everybody loves to hate! the blackberry storm. i still love you berry, you piece of shit:)

What is your main call ringtone?
nas - represent

How many people are in your address book?
uhm.. it doesn't say hahaha and there's no way i'm about to count them

How many start with the letter M?
4, marti, mom, maribeth and moe!

How many start with the letter Z?
awww none for z! i need new friends.

How many start with the letter A?
5, adrian, aggie, alex, amber, annie.

Do you have them sorted by speed dial number or alphabetically?
alphabetically son! everything in my life is aphabetical.

Do you actually call everyone in your address book?
fuck no.

What does your oldest text say?
"i have to be at the airport at 9:30". *yawn. hahah

What does your most recent text say?
"fuck imn drunk, had a good night though! love ya botch :) ! night"

What does your 10th text say?
"i like him. not love him."
oooohhh.. juicy. bet you wish you knew what that was.

What does your text in the outbox say?
"right back at cha.."

Who is it to?
your mom

What does your 4th text say?
"what's the song on your blog? switching lanes one? it's not bad..." HAHA. hi ryan!

Would you rather call someone or text them?
call.. fucka text messagggeee.

How many calls have you missed in the last 3 days?
like fifty billion or so

Do you always call people back when you miss a call?
nope! if it's urgent they'll call me back. i have a blog to maintain people! hahaaha im joking, relax.

Who was the 4th call down from on your "Received Calls" list?
LEM! ya shit.

Who was the 2nd call down to on your "Dialed" list?

Who is listed the most on your "Dialed" list?
eliza, with a grand total of 63. hahaha

Who is listed the least on your "Dialed" list?
james olais, 4. hahahaha. WEAK.

Who is listed most on your missed call list?
eliza too. what?! how does that even work?!

Who is listed least?
maribeth. tee hee, i rarely miss her calls:)

Who is listed most on your "Received" list?
lol. home. they trippin.

Who is listed least?

i'm also now going to get some pictures out the way while i have a minute.. i haven't been posting pictures for a minute cause my camera is dunzooooossss.. yo, camera people, hook it up! esco, let's go.

hi, welcome back to winnipeg:)


never pay attention to the haters and what they assume.

boys on the floor

his name is chief..!

his name is nick!

i didn't even notice ur wu-tang sweater til nowwww..

the night ended with ONE egg roll. hahaha.

wow.. this entry has a lot going on ahahha.. fuck you if that sucked.


Maribeth said...

this blog entry was hella random! so I'm gonna make my comment random.

good idea on putting the chicken as your main picture. cause that defintely got me interested.

whisky dix? then blush!!? omgahd winnipeg.

yay to seeing Winnipeger again, RC!

Nick apparently loves Republic says Boner.

I love crew neck sweaters! Esp. wu-tang ones.

yooooo. FUCK that one egg roll! What kinda baked munchies is that!?
epic fail.

syntifik said...

thats not chicken son! that is some five spice calamari !! but hollah.

HAHAHA blazed food is always good mayne.. even if it is just one spring roll. HAHAHA "can i the spring rolls?!" "one spring roll?!" "ye ye.. do that."

*one spring roll later* WTF IS THIS!!!! hahahahhahahahhahahahahah ohhlawwddd

Anonymous said...

Bahahah ONE EGG ROLL!??? It's like Lays chips, you cant have JUST one! BOOO

- banet

syntifik said...

we didnt know it was just one til it came out.. we were so blazed it was the funniest thing EVER.