Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i've been to a fair share of shows, a fair share of concerts, i've bought a handful of cds, gotten a handful of autographs, met a handful of people, been in a few vip lounges and it has definitely made life kinda ill. can i get the next 25 ?! one time for your fucking mind..


i hope you're ready for pictures of re-living.. esco let's go. they're basically all from rock the bells cause they surely out other people i've seen.. like shawn desman hahahaha.


i can understand why people like dude. like really, i can. personally, i'm just not that into him. i think his rapping style is a little blah. he's hip hop, sure. am i glad i got to see him live?! oh fuck yeah. would i buy his cd?! nah. burn that shit lol

i didn't take any pictures of them cuz my camera was dying.. i like their music, really.. they're cool kids junior! they rocked the fucking stage, but i felt bad cause the crowd wasn't really giving them love. respects though. they did their thing.


"MIDDLE FINGERS IN THE AIR, CAN I GET A FUCK YOU?!" yo fuck you! blueprint is SICK, and his shows are retarded. he's a crowd lover, and whether you're in it or not, he'll act like he's in a stadium and the whole crowd is going off. he's ill, see him if you can.

i couldn't find my dj dopey pictures anywhere.. but he was amaaazing. dude has talent. i got to see him twice in one weekend (2003/2004) and my chucks have never been rocked harder. his scratching was on point. i think maribeth and i were the youngest ones there. back in the day there used to be this site called hip hop winnipeg, and it put everybody on. i followed it religiously. it was like nike talk but for music and it was always good. we were 15 and the hip hop scene was so live.. call me crazy but hip hop lived in winnipeg back in the day. we were at a show every weekend, and we were lucky enough to catch dopey in the fourth row. we were sitting next to the hip hop radio djs and in front of a bboy crew.. and when dopey took off the record and put the needle down to make a sound that will forever be repeated in my dreams, you shoulda heard our section go off! not to mention the power source kept getting too hot, and it would burn out, so dopey would switch from two sets of turntables only to have them die, run to the other side of the stage and keep dj'ing on two others. yo. hip hop under pressure, that is some love.

i seen him twice, the first with maribeth, and the second time with richard, kalliane, teej and maribeth again. the first time he was kinda wack. he never addressed us and made me feel like he grabbed his paycheque and was out. not even an outro, the lights went off and he was gone.. and we were left hanging for a second like, is it done?! but the second time.. HOLY FUCK! he puts a lot of money into his shows, and i can appreciate that. he has a lot of energy, and is extremely good live, his talent is un-doubtable, if anything, i just wish he wasn't a cocky fuck. you can really feel that trait at his shows.

i don't care what ANYONE says.. i love hedley. even if their music is meant for 12 year old little girls, they're fucking awesome.. and they took the time to meet their fans after. they did "trip" last, and this concert was right after i broke up with philly so i was balling my eyes out haha. i ended up going to this with maribeth, and the people beside us were just sitting down being bunk. WHO SITS AT CONCERTS?! can somebody send that memo..


smoosh was a redic. this band consists of two sisters, but they have another sister who is AADORABLE, and who is slowly learning the bass, and when i saw them the three of them played together. i can't wait til they go big, cuz believe me, they'll get there.


short lived. he did all his classics FIRST and his new shit LAST. which i don't get./ it should be the opposite.. you got 1/9 of the wu-tang clan, and you felt like that. it was still a good show, but you wanted more.. and is it just me or did this show feel like it was five minutes long?! i needed more. maybe i'm just saying this cause i'm biased now. hahaha.


so i love ian kehoe. that is life.. and attack in black is amazing live. absolutely AAAMAAAZINGGGGGGGG.. they all truly hold their music close, and their guitar riffs and voices make your body melt over with a good feeling of how music is supposed to be. i need to see them again, NEED TO.


stage side, check. meeting tokyo police club, check. i took tina to this one, for her first concert ever.. no one was moshing, the crowd was kinda wack, so we got everything started. it was phenomenal. definitely one of my greatest memories ever.. and downtown loafting in the night was facking wicked!


he plays wicked hip hop. that's it.

oh justin. bianca took me to this one, and i brought philly. justin timberlake is possibly one of the greatest performers in life. EVERYTHING is MORE than you expected. i'd pay up to $200 to see him, cause he is worth it. he's humble, and his talent reaches through the roof. he tackles every instrument, and dances and sings to your heart! if i wrote you a symphony.. haha. the ONLY reason that justin timberlake isn't number one is because i don't love him like i love the artists ahead of him.. because if this was based on performance, he'd definitely be WAY higher.


I LOVE SHINY TOY GUNS. i have seen them twice now, and will continue to see them as much as possible through out life!

so every concert i have ever been to, has never started on time. except for lupe.. so you can imagine, richard's first concert, his jaw dropping when we hear "GO GO GADGET FLOW.." and we're running down the mts centre, out of excitement and surprise that he's actually on before we reach our seats. lupe did his thing. he KILLED IT, his live show made me appreciate him way more as an artist and i need to see him again too.

11. N.E.R.D.
they rock their shows to shit! FUCKING CRAZY. they're fucking crazy! if you're fat, watch n.e.r.d. every day and i guarantee you will be fit within two weeks.. cause they made me lose like five pounds, no doubt about it.. everybody went off, and anyone who saw n.e.r.d. was talking about the show for a good five years.

10. MURS

for fucking hip hop's sake. murs is a genius.. he gets on stage, and he raps. that's it. you bob your head and appreciate good music. it's like being at a house party a little early but the music is bangin, you're havin a chill of a good time, and that's what his music is so no complainin. murs is real.

9. M.I.A.

we weren't allowed to bring cameras to this show, so i stuck tina's camera underneath my shirt.. which worked.. surprisingly cause i had this big box shape on my belly.. which wasn't even worth it, cause we took like pictures of us, then her camera died. HAHA.. that last picture is of m.i.a. and everyone dancing on stage with her. i know, it's hard to tell. but i was lucky enough to see m.i.a. before she was on the radio and everyone wasn't on her dick, for $20. not many people can say that. what's up! i'm lucky.


the first concert i ever went to, i was 15.. and when i met slug, the first thing to pop out of my mouth was, "you smell good". it was humiliating but hilarious at the same time. after this i went on a huge atmosphere binge, and atmosphere didn't come out of my cd player for about a year. all my asianavenue songs were always atmosphere.. his passion for music makes me wanna become a rapper.. right now. hahah


same performance level as n.e.r.d. THEY ROCK OUT FUCKING HARD! cool kids all day every day!


i got to see them twice and both times they were rowdy as fuck! in a good way. i feel like this is how every concert should be.


i got to see a tribe called quest live. nuff said.


so slim kid came up to us, rapped to us, and as i was filming him, he took my camera from me and filmed us.. it was nothing really.


it was hard as fuck to place these guys as number three.. CAUSE HOLY SHIT! do they put on a show! i have NEVER in my life rocked out as hard as i did for keys n krates. i promise you, if you want something to love, let it be keys n krates.. cause they put on one of the best shows i have ever seen/heard in my entire life. i just shivered. that's how wicked they are.

2. NAS

my hero, and surprisingly! he's not first. cause i'm not biased:) haha. he's honestly the greatest rapper in life, and when i saw him, no doubt he was redic, however, there were points where he kind of fucked up his own lyrics.. plus he was getting a little chunky and had to catch his breath at times. this performance still meant everything to me, and when he did one mic i cried like a pansy. he's the greatest emcee of all time. fuck you, what you say, what your mom says, what your favorite rapper says, nas is the greatest emcee of all time, and is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. & i saw him live.


THEY TORE SHIT UP. stakes is high is a memory i will embrace for life. their sound fucked up but during so, they stopped everything and talked to the crowd til it got fixed again, which meant a lot to me. they have an AMAZING show, like they literally blow your mind, and i vouche to see them as many times in my life as possible.. DE LA ALL DAY! FOREVER!

that just took me three hours..! what's up blog tip, i'm back and i will continue to make a stronger effort to keep up with this shit. that's my word.. now feed me comments to keep that mind state going ;)


Anonymous said...

You were at RTB???! I went last year too.... This year I don't even want to talk about.
Guerilla Union needs to re-think some things.

rodrigues said...

jealous you saw smoosh, didn't even know you knew about those two sisters. even abit jealous of justin timberlake, dudes a performer. lupe and n.e.r.d in full concert are redic, sometime in the future. seen tribe twice = goat. nice 25, 2 in a day?! congrats

syntifik said...

#1: "rethink some things" made me lol. word life. hopefully next year will be better !! =)

#2: i didn't know you knew smoosh either. their cd IS in my collection. pay attention!! heartchu. they were still a little shy/timid when i saw them, i'm excited to see them grow as musicians.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for this one. And its even better than I expected!
Yea N.E.R.D.!!!


syntifik said...

aw yay!! cuz i am really starting to run out of 25's hahah

Anonymous said...

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