Friday, February 13, 2009


where the crime rates are ridiculous. where egos are fucking high. where mosquitoes and snow are the first words you learn and your car doors frequently freeze shut. where it smells like shit, but the people are fucking cool. you fall on the ice, but the summers are fucking hot. our beaches are beautiful and we know how to party. we drink lucky and smoke canadian classics if we have to, cuz we're just too fucking real like that. we have SOCIALS, and we know the meaning of "heat score", "jones" and "purple city". we hate polo park but we still shop there, and a vacation is a drive to minneapolis. we rep our city hard, cause we love it here, no matter how many times we've said otherwise. we smile and say hello to strangers. we apologize when we bump into people. we love sunshine and stars. we're down for burgers and milkshakes and tim horton's and starbucks. we don't fuck around, we're fucking cocky, but we live in a city that's better than yours, and that's our reason.
i don't know what my mind's telling me, things are crazy, and stress levels should be at the top of the charts right now, but i'm chillin. "fuck it." cheers bitches. i'll see yall tonight.

a thug changes. love changes. okay yo, we could play rough.