Monday, February 1, 2010


just kidding?!


i'm doing complaints for bonibelle..? some might be repeated, cuz honest to truth, i can't remember everything i've blogged about.. ehhhmmmyessum. a lot of this shit might be super rough and touchy for some people, so if you get offended easily, don't read it. esco, let's go.

expensive school. fuck the system. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. the higher level the education, the more it costs.. so the more you need, to gain. nurses and doctors are fucked right now, paying off their student loans. & that is some shit. disagree? that's fine. i still don't believe in it. if the world is trying to stop discriminating, we should stop di$criminating. every single person WHO IS WILLING, should have a shot.

when the mailman/woman .. actually, mine is a man, because i saw him today *shakes fist*.. leaves my mailbox open. rain and snow gets in there and my mail gets destroyed.. i don't really mind when my credit card statement blurs and globs to something that looks a little less and heals my heart for a moment, but when it comes to magazines, that shit is important lol.

when people walking opposite directions don't stay in their lane, and then you have that awkward "i'll move to the left--" and bump into a person who wasn't in their designated lane.. and you wonder why you can't make it to work fast enough.. half your lunch break is bumping into me.. move, please.

no seats left on the bus, and a person has their shit on the seat next to them. this doesn't usually bother me, that is until it comes to say.. a purse. like really, that shit is so small it can afford to go on your lap, mate.

i may have just dug myself a hole.. i should keep my mouth shut.. but i'm botch so i won't. it seems to take forever for me to get drunk there.. wait wait. let me start off with the good. i can understand the attraction, it's a nice venue. and enough people go there.. but it seems like all girls there want to fight me, and all boys want to fight my boyfriend..?! a dude from new york was there, and he comes up to me, and he says "canada sucks".. and i'm like "no dude wait, we really don't !.." but it was no use. everyone sticks to their corner. half the people in there aren't dancing, they're spending their time trying to rift through people.. to get to their corner. it's a lot of people, just.. walking. and it costs ten bucks to get in?! really?! ten bucks is a lot.. what can i say, i'm a cheap ass. it's a love/hate relationship. everyone i talk to says they hate it, but they go because on their birthday, it's the one place everyone will show up. see you there friday.

i've never been a fan of lines, but i understand them. what i don't understand is why there is a line, when a venue is at 1/8 of its capacity.. you wait in the cold for a good half hour to get in and find no one there.. so you wanna leave.. but dammit they already suckered in your cover.

stop light. *honk horn*, can i get your facebook?! no.

how i hate you facebook. i got 36 friend requests right now just lingering. i don't have the heart to ignore them, so i juzz let them linger. this is exactly why i deactivated my facebook. your life is your life, and i met you like once dude. really?! you gotta know everything after you found out my name?! that's what my blog is for ahahah.

WHOA WHOA WHOA. let's get one thing clear. i feel for haiti, i feel for people, i donated, be easy.. what i disagree with, is rich people asking poor people to donate money, and making them feel like shit, if they don't. (i could say the same for the churches, but i don't wanna get bombed).. if every rich person in this world, stepped up, and i mean STEPPED THE FUCKUP.. instead of donating a petty five dollars, not one person in this world would go without health care, aid, or food. there's enough money in the world for the world not to go hungry. some people are just too greedy to do it. i give, what i can.. and i feel haiti needs a lot of attention, and a lot of help.. and they deserve that. HOWEVER, for those that CAN NOT give, they should not feel any less for not being able to help in the way that celebrities could.. send your prayers, and your thoughts, and if that's all you can give, then that is a lot.

stop calling my fucking phone.

if you don't wanna hang out with me, fine. if you've got something else, fine. just don't flop. despite my daily "fuck this shit"'s, i'm a pretty understanding person.

12. TIME
fuck you time. you're a piece of shit. i need to get myself a cot damn organizer, cuz i lose track of everything, everything scatters and my life is just a mess.

movie stubs, subway transfers, tickets, wristbands. i keep them all.. and some days it drives me crazy. like okay, really.. what am i gonna do with this later?! nothing.. just look at it.. and you know what's even crazier, is knowing that i'm not going to do anything with it, and still keeping it.

BUY YOUR CDS PEOPLE! buy them! support your music! let them get everything they deserve.. !! please. please. please. what's better than rifling through a brand new cd book reading the artists thank yous and lyrics!? what's better than ripping off that plastic seal?! nothin, almost nothing.

don't get mad. it's my opinion. i'm not forcing you to think the way i do, i'm simply stating what i believe. there are things that are exceptions for me, you know, one boob's smaller than the other, and shit.. but when did fake get hot?! what happened to real women!? women with flaws, but perfect flaws. women with all types of bodies. now everyone looks the same, and that isn't sexy. you stand out when you look different. small or big, you can still be beautiful.

youngins in skimpy jackets and leotards, accompanied with a huge bag and sunglasses. it's -36C, looking cool can be put on hold. it's fucking cold son, and i'm not looking at you thinking how sick your outfit is, i'm thinking, wtf is they thinking.

people believe in what they believe in.. and i hate seeing people debate over who's right when it comes to religion. when it comes to that type of thing, people have to realize that people have strong feelings, and might not change them because you have a really convincing sway.. in saying that, back off people. what you think is right, to you, and what they think is right, to them.. and if you can't digest that, then the whole religious/beliefs talk should be avoided completely.

i still watch them :(

dammit superstore, you are breaking my wallet! i'm tryna save my dollar and eat at home, but it's starting to cost the same. oh.. wow. would you look at that?! i'm a grown up.

shit that's cool dude, really cool how you did that.. but i dunno who you are.

what?! how did they get to do my idea before me? this isn't actually really a complaint, i'm just extremely totally jealous.

22. KE$HA
this girl seems hella snotty. i do not like her one bit. she's not even pretty.. and her song sucks! let me introduce you to the REAL start of this sound, her name is uffie.. and kesha is just a knock off, while uffie is gucci. i can't believe kesha is getting paid for that song, forreals. what i cant believe even more is how people are saying that song reminds them of me.. come on, reaaaally.

i have a boyfriend, i do not want your man. i got my very own gorgeous boyfriend, i dont want yours. i get along better with dudes, really i do. that's just how i've been, that's just how i am.. but that doesn't mean i am trying to get into a dude's pants, just cause i'm talking to them. i am 100% happy with what i got, why would i skip out on steak for a piece of stale beef jerky?! not in my plans mate, not in my plans.

girls who do not wash their hands after bathroom goods. i'm right by the sink, i can see you not wash your hands, how are you not embarrassed?! gross gross. gross. just do it, if not for me, just for the look. just do it when there's another person in the room.

to the people that read something in this list, and think i'm a horrible person. save your judgement for a second, and re-direct yourself to number 17. whether i'm right, or wrong, it's what i thought at that moment.



Anonymous said...

1 - I love school, and I'd be in it forever if I was rich. Fuck tuition. It still boggles my mind that dentistry in Winnipeg is $100,000 for four years, and twice as much, if not triple that in other places. WTF man.

3 - I think everyone should just walk on the right side.. always. So I don't have to bump into them.

8 - I still haven't deactivated it again, and I don't know why :/. Fail.

20 - LOL I'm a symbol so noone retarded msgs me. ANYWAYS.

22 - Who the f is Kesha?

- Bonibelle :)

syntifik said...

yeah free school would be bomb.. then i'd finally be able to beat my brother in trivial pursuit.

facebook blows.

don't need to know kesha, she's a wanker.

Anonymous said...

school - theres a girl in my class working full time and school full time. now That's willing. Nerd alert!? naw she's pretty dope haha.

haiti - some people can't seem to part ways with their cash. i tell you, when im famous im gonna give half of all my paycheques to charity. straight up. this is assuming im a multi-millionaire.

keeping shit - i threw away all my elementary and junior high work last week. shit felt so good. Fact is, i don't need it, i never needed those old notes more than a year after each grade. I kept my grade 6 autobio though.

fake boobs - fakes boobs that are firm and don't move around are just gross. My favorite pornstar has the perfect fake boobs where the implants are like half-plants and are only at the bottom of each tit. NOT saggers, but hang just low enough to swing side to side.

Religious talks - people just need to swallow their pride and understand one another. our generation will accomplish that.

cold trendies - skimpy outfits in -30C weather? dumb. sweatpants tucked into Uggs? eugh turn off. sure it's cold, but at least TRY to look good. if theres one thing guys have over girls it's that the majority of us know how to dress no matter what the weather is like.

kesha- i think everyone just likes Tik Tok. its actually a good song, easy to jam to. maybe picture a black girl singing it?
other songs im guilty of liking are Party in the USA, and some girlicious tracks lmao.
"thats good to know, fag!" ...shut up.

syntifik said...

that's the best comment i have ever received.

- props to the school girl. i wish i had that kind of dedication.

- when you're famous, can you give 1/6 of your paycheque to me, and 5/6 to charity?! i don't wanna take away from the kids, but i could really use a penny.

- i threw away about half my school shit, i have the top of a shelf in my room that needs to get thrown out and then i will be fully satisfied with my life. i kept my autobiography too, say word, if you email me, i'll send you a copy (like how i snuck that in there!?)

- i refuse to comment back about the fake boobs.

- word.

- i refuse to be an ugg girl, i will never own a pair.. however, i have worn sweat pants tucked into my nike boots.. so i fail that round. i think boys know how to dress when it's cold, cuz dudes have the luxury of layers and baggy clothing.. bastards.

- "and some girlicious tracks" had me rofl.. that is some shit. ahahahaha

syntifik said...

i forgot to mention, uffie is a white girl, and she still sounds better than kesha. it wasn't a taste of a white girl rapping, it was a taste of a female sucking.. balls.

Anonymous said...

FACK, I'm bored. Gimme another 25 or something to laugh at.. ASAP!!! HAHAHA shit, I'm demanding.

25 reasons you love me!?!?! YEAH!?

For fuck's sakes. I'm so tired right now.. my iron levels are such shit. I give up on trying not to swear, simply because I'm in the type of mood where all I think of is profanity.. soooo what's the point? I'm so tired and I feel so weak, yet I feel like punching someone in the face or something -_-".

Sooo hey, I think I'm graduating in the spring.

- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

no!! no more 25's til the first of a month.. it's hard to think of them.
throw me some ideas and i'll think about it.. reasons i love you doesn't count, i can only think of one, you buy me gifts. OOOOOOO.. botch one, boner zero.

anemia isn't the funnest diagnosis in the world, but it's the one we got. ante up on some redbull, shit does wonders. i had two cups of coffee today, and a chai latte.. (i gave up coffee 8 months ago)

graduating ay?! WHAT! that is some shit! can i come!? can i bring a sign?!

i dont care if you say yes or no to that, i'm doing both.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone is finally talking about Republic. Staff there are so fuckin' rude. Waste of money, and it smells like puke everywhere. Fuck that pos. I'm never going there again.

syntifik said...

LOL.. wow. you should read the reviews on winnipegnightlife, they basically say everything you just said.