Saturday, February 13, 2010


so my second time seeing raekwon was a lot better. the crowd was wack though. tell me how people representing hip hop could not pronounce shaolin.. TELL ME HOW, the girl who corrected the girl on pronunciation of "shaolin" also said it wrong. i didn't know there were so many wrong ways to say shaolin. also, whilst outside for a cigarette, a dude says to bianca and i, "yall are probably just here with your boyfriends huh?!". I WANT TO MAKE THIS STRAIGHT. GIRLS CAN LIKE HIP HOP TOO. i won't front, he apologized, saying that "most girls don't like this kind of shit". well, i'm not most girls.
on with the show. opening performances did nothing for me.. the first people weren't hype enough and the second were too hype.. not to say they weren't good, they just didn't have a fan base.. like most opening acts. so it was the typical, no one really paying attention until someone yelled "free shit", and some hands went up in the air. they did their thing, and they did it well, but mic levels were off and it was hard to understand what they were saying. i did appreciate that one song about money though, it had some legit lines. i was at the front of the stage, and stepped in front of a few people to get there. they called me a bastard, but during the show, they just stood there. so eat me bitches, i'm here for the hip hop, not to stand and watch.. i need to feel that shit.
opening dj was alright, he played strictly west coast rap which was cool.. except for the most part he played like cruising type shit so i felt it made the crowd a little more slow than it could have been. maybe like 2 classic warren g joints.. and then like 15 chill songs.
raekwon came on hella late, it was about 1am when he hit the stage. started off with cream, and it was legit. his energy was whylin, and he covered the entire stage as well as communicated with the crowd.. a lot. he talked to us a lot, and i appreciate that. this show was really intimate, and you got the vibe. he transferred back and forth between classics to cuban 2. it'd be a 94 song, OB4CL2, and then like a 96 song and back to recent shit.. he didn't seem to have a set either.. he just let the dj pick songs which was cool to me cuz it was kind of whatever the crowd wanted.. he finished prompt, but returned with wu tang clan aint nothin to f wit for an encore. after being bombarded with "streetz" stickers and dirty looks, i didn't give a fuck. da chef tore it up.
there was also a dude wearing a chef hat with a wu tang symbol on it, which pretty much made the night for me.. that shit was epic. overall, great show, and i'd give it a 8 out of 10.

i'm headed to mardi gras tonight with my sister. it's also alex's birthday at midnight so if you see him, buy him a shot..!! i finally charged my camera so i'll be able to take pictures tonight.. i know right. botch without her camera for almost a month now.. thas some shit.

i wanna say hip hop is doing big things.. and so is tonight. let's fucking rage.. bitch.


Carol Ann said...

So I just remembered, a couple weeks ago, went to Revival in Toronto for a friend's birthday. Anyway, as I was taking a piss in the washroom, I'm pretty sure I saw "syntifik stay up". Was that you? lol

Carol Ann said...

HAHAHAHA sounds funny when you put it that way

syntifik said...

it's gnarly when you think about it.