Friday, February 5, 2010


after two weekends, decided to bring my empties in.. that's just the trunk, there's more in the backseat.

i fucking love beer.

i'm going to spend all of today sleeping, and organizing my room. told you, i'm hibernating, i ain't going out for nobody.
organization is proper. i now have about 8 garbage bags worth of clothes and stuff to donate to charity, so if anyone wants in, gimmie a call.. it's all free. tina took some already, and with every person grabbing, the selection goes down. make your way over.. BITCHES.


maribeth said...

crap i forgot to take a look at your stuff.. stupid it just HAD to be crazy entertaining. i wanna go back on it, but im too chicken shit to go on it by myself lol i swear that one beer made me pass out ... that plus my allergy attack lol

syntifik said...

too late son, i gave it all to my moms, whatever she's not keeping is going to the philippines.. WE MUST HAVE ANOTHER CHAT ROULETTE PARTY! this time, when you have no tasks to complete.. cuz.. we fail at that. next time you have a task to complete, i will disconnect my internet ahahhaha.. sorry we didnt get any school work done:(

chat roulette!

Anonymous said...

Philly loves beers to , and he's now flyin in calgarayyyy a lovely citayyyyy

syntifik said...

that's nice, how'd he grab a flight ticket?! that money should have gone to me.

Ron said...

Let us party. Party hard.

syntifik said...

i'm down any day that's good for you ron!
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEN?! ive been missing your posts biatch