Saturday, February 7, 2009


janet's back in town!! BALLIN!! nothing aside from that really matters right now but okay.. in other news.. social tickets! buy them from me! i'm sorry i can't understand what you're saying when you're hitting on me. what's good girl or hats goat grill?! what !? ENGLISH SON! english. i wanna take a walk with you or i wanna taco wid glue?! what?! taco with glue?! i'm not sure. today this guy got super embarrassed when i asked him what school he was from. he replied, gordon bell. when i said, oh how old are you, he said "16". SEE YOU LATER KID! i know i don't look like it, but i'm 21, i don't run that. ay ay ay. janet. ay ay ay! fab4 plus company, AY! see yall fuckers tonight, we'll be painting this city drunk! song on the blog right now is killin shit. you be the one to tell me you can't jam to this shit forever. res' voice is so fucking 90's hip hop soul on it! like a fucking cool breeze on a summer day. speaking of which, shout out to god for giving winnipeg such good weather/ yo. it is sick. i wore sneakers instead of boots today like HI. this is livin large. middle finger to all the bad shit that's been happening lately. holy fuck february, you are kind of an asshole. hospitals, goodbyes, gettin' jumped, and valentine's day. i'll never be able to say fuck you enough times. stay up that's the motto right. you gotta keep your head strong and your beer in hand, and your friends on speed dial. parallel to hell but i must maintain. &i'm doing good. better than that, so to everyone who's taking february a little hard, my prayers and hugs are with you all. whoa this blog just went from stupid random shit to a serious episode of oprah. my apologies. ZOMBIES RULE!

rick ross: just bite this dick.
mom: aye, whats this?
botch: it's called shit music.