Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Let me say this though.. this is the most non rock the bells line up I have ever seen. This is like Summer Jam meets Rock the Bells. I don't want to complain too much but I can see Rock the Bells going to absolute shit next year.

Kid Cudi, WHOM I LOVE. Don't ever get that twisted. If you've read this blog you know my love for Cudi is everything strong.. but RTB? That's odd to me. Wiz, NO. He should not be anywhere near the bill! J Cole, yes. He can stay. Lupe can stay too, I've seen him already. Atmosphere, seen already, but they can stay too.. and it's about time Slug gets promoted from Paid Dues to RTB, he deserves it. Dude is a fucking vet! Ice Cube, yeah!!!!! How is Wiz before Ice Cube?! Lame. Mac Miller, not in my lifetime. Dipset, I would like to see, but def not RTB material. Kendrick, seen, but okay he can stay. Meth and Red, YAY! Hooray! HIT SQUAD! EPMD and Keith Murray have my panties going cray. Asap, seen. Surprised to see him on the RTB line up. Tyga, um.. REALLY?! Tyga gets to perform at RTB?! Immortal Technique, I've tried to see a million times, and haven't. 2 chainz.. another shocker. TOO SHORT, he can stay simply because of his credentials. Naughty, DJ Quik, BDK, Salt n Pepa, Slick Rick, Prodigy, Murs, Fashawn, Dom Kennedy, Supernat, they can all stay. We all know how I feel about Nas, yumyum.

WHAT I'M REALLY SURPRISED ABOUT, are these headliners?! I feel that there are so many people who haven't made it to Rock the Bells yet, and am super shocked to see all these freshmen getting on to the bill. Like, did they ask a bunch of people and they all said no!? That's kind of what it seems like to me! I mean, I totes bump 2 chainz and Cudder when I'm tryna go ape shit.. But as far as Rock the Bells goes.. I'm really surprised this year.

If we don't get some real hip hop back into Rock the Bells, this whole festival is doomed. I'm an avid listener to plenty on this list, but feel like 30% of it should move their asses to a festival that isn't Rock the Bells. Fuck outta here.

Am I still going to try and go!? Fuck yeah.. but I'm totally disregarding that this is RTB. I'm going to tell myself it is some other sort of festival. Putting all these cats under the "real hip hop" category is something I just refuse to do. AND, I rarely use the term "real hip hop". It will still be fun but it surely has pushed it's way into the mainstream, and I am not looking forward to next year's line up.

Keep Rock the Bells hip hop you guys. Get back on your fucking shit! This ain't Summer Jam!!


Anonymous said...

Well said botch ! When you sent me the RTB line up my eyes went straight to Kid Cudi, because it's my life goal to see him perform live with you in the front hoping to get his sweaty tshirt ! All I really care about is seeing him and RTB did go mainstream it's too bad but hopefully it's not like that again !


syntifik said...

Thanks B! All hopes to get his sweaty shirt are in full force!!

Hope to re-unite with you soon love!