Friday, December 10, 2010


above is a video of the canadian tenors, being surprised on the oprah show with celine dion.. i just got home from seeing this performed live by them. hmmazing.

every friday, my grandpa and i had this tradition of going to the symphony. he's a supporter of the symphony and always has front row seats.. so of course, it's always a real treat.. we would dress up, and we'd meet at the symphony.. and right after, we'd head to sals for some cheese nips! probably the best part about attending! i looove the symphony.. not a lot of people know this, but i'm really big into jazz and classical music, and anything with strings! ohh yeah baby, love it. it helps that i took piano lessons (quit! haha), and i've been going to these things since i was 8. the opera, ballet - i've been lucky enough to have a grandfather who's made me cultured.

since my grandpa's walking started failing, we haven't been going. it was just too much walking for him to endure (about 6 months now).. and now; he's starting dementia. his mind is wandering, and he's been in the hospital for six weeks, bed-ridden.. and thus, about 10 shows have been missed.. i was asked to take the tickets today, and so.. i did. the christmas symphonies have always been my favorite, and i haven't missed one in like 5 years.. and i'm really glad i got to see this one. i nearly balled my eyes out when they performed bob dylan's, "forever young".. but i vouche to keep this tradition going.. because even if my grandpa's not there.. he's still there. he always used to try and make me get wine or champagne, and i refused.. because i was the good granddaughter! tonight, i devoured the drink special - egg nog w/ amber rum.

sold out 3 nights in a row.. meaning 7500 people have seen them, yayurr!

christmas in a cup!

i live, i live, i live, i live for symphonies.


jHeffreyTard said...

wow this is like one of my favorite songs!! haha no joke no homo...first time I heard it was on The O.C., that show was homo...frikken Oprah always making me smile sometimes...and Celine Dion(*Botch quote) "could get it =P" yeaaa haha biggest turn on for me is a girl with a voice, real talk.

lol symphony...thats awesome...

Anonymous said...

and you and your boyfriend better be watching the Raptors right now =D
Champs this year i swear...

syntifik said...

ew celine dion could not get it, cougar lover. maybe her voice but thats it.. and "champs this year" is said to me almost every day. both you and the cudder is trippin.