Thursday, December 2, 2010


tomorrow i am putting edy down.. and it huuurrrrrtttss sooo fucking much. i can't stop crying, and i can't believe how fast things come when you don't want them to. the fact that he won't be in pain anymore helps a little, but it's still so hard to say goodbye. i love him soo much.

so in today's throwback, have some edy love.

i got edy six years ago. he was given to me by my mom's friend who was in the army.. since he was in the army, edy wasn't getting enough love. immediately, edy was the biggest suck. he followed me everywhere, and didn't listen to anyone but me.. and i loved it. he became my best friend. he'd ALWAYS sleep in my room, and if he wasn't sleeping in my room, he was right by my door.
he's also attacked the fuck out of a person who attempted a home invasion on me. he's an amazing guard dog, and probably saved my life. i owe him the world for that.
other than that, he and nala got along perfectly. he was jealous at times, and if i was petting nala, he would nuzzle his head under my hand making sure he got some love too. he was the most well-behaved dog i have ever owned.. he competed in 2 dog shows, and came in 3rd place for one, and 2nd for the other. he hated me when i first went to toronto, he wouldn't come near me! eventually he forgave me:)
he was so attached to me, that when he eats, he gets his food and carries it to wherever i am, because he wants to eat wherever i am. in his sleep his leg twitches, and i always try to imagine what he's dreaming of.
he became really sick in the past year. he's gone 75% blind, and has furuculosis.. which is basically an on-going incurable infection. he has become really skinny, and is having difficulty walking.. and he has constant diarrhea :(. AND, despite all of that, he's the happiest dog i know. he loves being cuddled and will do anything for me.. and that's why i have to do everything for him by saying goodbye.

circa 2009, no make up, but fuck it. edy looks like a fucking stallion.. it's crazy how he got so sick in just one year:(

i love you edy, take care of nala. xoxoxo.


Anonymous said...

My love is with you, Botch. Hang in there!


syntifik said...

thankkk youu !!