Sunday, March 14, 2010


so the brand new sunday is supposed to be "syntifik sundays" but since i'm not getting any comments or emails on what you guys wanna hear from me, i guess i'll juzz random this entry!! haha dammit people! you've saddened me. DEEPLY saddened. i'm gettin 700 different computers reading my shit, but they're scared like clottey. OUCHH.. with shit like that i could be a rapper.
thursday was beatnuts. off the hook. friday was nick's party cause he felt like having a party. i like those kind of parties. saturday was pacquiao vs. clottey. & today was alice in wonderland 3D. so it was a busy weekend, throw some work in there and it definitely was tiring. so not looking forward to getting back to the week and shit.. ugh. life.. plus i lost an hour thanks to daylight savings.. mother fuck shit! what time is it?! i still don't know. i swear if it wasn't for my blackberry, i wouldn't be aware of daylight savings and shit.. or different time zones. i would be a complete wreck who's always late for everything.. ..actually.. thazz what i am now.
i'd totally give you guys a long entry on how the weekend went, but i'm tired and gotta prepare for my 15 hour day tomorrow. so stop being a pussy, and comment. it's fucking anonymous dude, no one knows it's you!! & if i keep having to beg for comments i'm quitting blogging. ahahhaa. threats mother fucker, threats!


Anonymous said...

I was gonna comment it sliped my mind. Tell us bout wtang!

J said...

haha hey Jess!

I was bored so I youtube'd Winnipeg and saw your Beatnuts video and the link led me to this blog. Man you've been busy... and you write a lot. This goes back to 2008?! I never woulda guessed you're into this stuff. It's Jheff by the way (inorite?) I was like, "What the? She's still alive?". And i see you got a new Boyfs, nice nice back in the game lol. I hope it works out better than that asian dude you were with back in the Bueno days. Haha i'll stop by and comment regularly, help you get famous or whatever.

lol "syntifik"? "botcho"? does your mom know about these aliases?!

anyways, JESSICA, keep this thing going I'll be back fasho'.

geez you swear a lot.

syntifik said...

wutang post coming soon..! thanks for the tip.

jheff?! as in.. "jheff can you drive me home?" jheff?! haha the fuck! uh how about what the, YOU'RE STILL ALIVE?! and yeah philly's gonezo's.. i hope it works out better too.. restraining orders are kind of a pain. OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM TYPING TO YOU RIGHT NOW!! where the fuck are you?! are you at UPS now!? can we hang out!? are you still with your girlfriend!? tell me everything!!
and fuck you for exposing my real name, im gonna have to delete this soon lol

Jep said...

yes i work at UPS, im a bachelorette now, and we'll hang out after you make a video blog, "Hair and Make-up tutorial". bwahaha

oh this is too funny, Jess.

syntifik said...

hahaha.. SHUT UP! you're lame!
get me a job at ups! preferably one where i don't have to do much.

you can expect that video blog the day you deliver me a package! which will be never because i never gte packages :( lol

jepoy said...

I work in the warehouse so it's not what you think lol. and i don't wear the brown top and pants. haha this is weird all your "fans" are reading this convo. i should start a blog we'll have a blog war.

here's my email for future reference, email me some turon, it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

who's your favourite rapper? and don't tell me something I already know or heard a million ppl say about them already. convince me why he's good/great. and don't reply to me through a comment. save it for next sunday. payce!

syntifik said...

jeff i don't like to think of myself as famous just yet. im always up for a blog war though.. ALWAYS.

anonymous: haha.. im pretty sure u know the answer to this already but ill see what i can do. IS THIS ALEX?! bet five bucks it is. ahaha