Monday, March 8, 2010


"rappers are supposed to be good at rapping.."

i'm still sick. i tried to find myself a beatnuts cd to listen to, but all i have besides like 5 mp3's on my computer is milk me.. and i have no idea where the fuck that is. i'm way too sick to get off my ass and look for it. i'm hungry. feed me?
kid cudi & snoop dogg?! i know right.. you can find it as a track on my playlist.. rummage through that shit.


Maribeth said...

BAHAHAH medical genitals. absolute genius, i would definitely buy his album.

anyways... the only song with no lyrics worth listening to these days is this dude

syntifik said...

omg maribeth what the fuck did you send me too.. this man is creepy and i am sick and nauseous and borderline hallucinating and you sent me to this shit?! lol i hate you!!

house party at nicks house this weekend be there biatch.