Thursday, March 18, 2010


PHILI STAND UP! bahamadia started out as a dj, which makes me love her even more.. she really loves this shit, no faking it. she rolled with gang starr, and her first album was produced by gang starr (OF whom, i love). that album came out in '96, which is what this single is off of.. after that she really didn't drop anything. i think she dropped her last album in like 2007 or something.. and another in 2001.. but other than that, that was it for her.. so she really doesn't get much shine these days, when she should. she's completely over-looked when she's completely dope. she also really appreciates canadians, and says they're big on their hip hop.. so what's not to like?! for me, it's very hard to appreciate female emcees, cause most are talking about busting dudes off to make a pretty penny.. but this girl has a flow that's competitive with most dudes, and for me that's pretty fucking ill. this song is a tribute to a night that screams good weekend, and more importantly, good hip hop. enjoy.

it ain't what you do, it's how you do it.


Nasty Raz said...

yo is it ill? do it need to be fixed?
nah, that shit is real - trust me dunn

you need to chill son you need to relax
you ill - lets just leave at that
i know your heart heavy - like feelings collapsed
just channel that energy and breathe on a track

its just that right now im feeling awful its odd
cause im the last dude you'd ever expect to fall for a broad
at nights i would turn and toss in the sheets
lost in my sleep
felt a part of me died and the coffin is deep

that's what you get for wearing your heart on your sleeve
you need to realize that your doper than most
shes over, shes ghost
tears fall regardless whether your eyes open or close

syntifik said...

those last bars are fireee.
heartchu niggs.