Thursday, October 15, 2009



so i'm not sure if this is going to be a series or not.. i know last week i did wednesday, but i didn't decide i wanted to do another one til now. new regular? you decide. if i get three people who COMMENT saying they want it, i'll keep doing it. otherwise, this is my last one. "your last what?!" THROWBACKS SON.
so bianca and i were talking about sloppiness. it's hilarious about five times a year. any more than that, and it's time to keep the money in your wallet, put the alcohol down and get to knitting.. bianca's last sloppy night was our first time at whiskey dix.. OUR FIRST NIGHT AT WHISKEY DIX, hay, new location, an okay time to get sloppy..! (she puked at work the next day haha) my last time, was a year ago.. november 16, 2008.
let's re-visit. so this night was looking brutal.. first of all, it was at mybar (ew). i had just gotten my bag stolen or some shit, so i only had like $10, and the line up was ridiculous.. we weren't down, but we went anyways. luckily, we some how got VIP, i think that was thanks to christian?! AND THEN MY BOYS SHOWED UP.. and then for like a straight hour.. it was none stop drinking.. and when you drink with boys, you don't get bitch drinks, you don't even get beer. this was a gin & tonic, a shot of jack daniels, doubles, another gin.. not even double fisting drinks dude, TRIPLE fisting drinks. boys fucking go hard.
i remember some guy stole my lollipop and asking tj to fight him ahah, tj said no lol.. AND I ALSO REMEMBER.. that he bought me a flower from one of those gay bar girls that try to sell flowers to every man in the building! i always ask tj for a flower, and this was the night he got one! he probably stole it ! ahhahaha jaast kidding.. maybe. I remember bianca dancing with some white dude and i kept calling him her husband.. i remember winning FOUR(i won twice!) tickets to the new years party (which i didn't even go to).
ANYWAYS.. i also remember a certain someone hitting another someone with a chair!! and so after that fiasco, the night was so done (SO ROWDY!) lol.. so i'm waiting for bianca to bring the ride around, and i am fine, just chillin. and as soon as she leaves.. it hit me like a ton of bricks. i remember looking at people thinking "WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE JUST BLOBS OF BLUR!" and the spinning.. oh fuuck the spinning. so i'm tryna keep it cool you know, can't look sloppy.. so i lean on this rail, almost fall, and as i'm almost about to fall, i grab the rail.. and as i grab this rail, my lollipop gets stuck in my hair!!
bianca comes around, and as soon as i buckle my seat belt, i un-buckle it, open the door, and puke.. and i'm good to go.. NO, the spinning.. and we're on our way.. nope wait.. i'm fucked. we get like five minutes of driving in.. but i'm still fucked, so we go to the casino, and i see all my moms friends.. and i'm like "good god." trying to not act like such a mess.. saying my quick hello's while trying to speed walk to the bathroom.. we got to the bathroom, and as i'm puking in the casino bathroom, i remember bianca going, "you have 20 missed phone calls.. don't worry you're still pretty.. oh. my. god. botch, there's a lollipop in ur hair!!" those are the only frames i remember, everything else.. gone.
SLOPPY. don't judge me! LOL.. you should have seen bianca at whiskey dix!!!;)

THE TABLE IN THE BACKGROUND.. that was our line up.. and we JUST got there.

can always count on bianca to get a blue drink.. and i love beer!.. not so much beer in bathrooms.. we usually avoid this.


ahahaha i'm dying...



we're so prepped for thizz one.


with that timberland shirt, how can you not be-friend him!?

thanks guys. thanks.

maribeth's last sloppy night was totally at alive last weekend ahahahaha! sloppy biatch!

raaaggeee. these pictures also make me miss tj! ALI! tell your boyfriend that we need to watch zombie land! ZOMBIEEE LAAANDDD!!


the manufacturer who makes these hats needs to stop!

the only person who can rock them is common! yo maribeth, isn't it irony that he's wearing plaid LOL

speaking of disappointments..

NOOO!!!!!!!! i'm furious.


Ron said...

haha, toasted.

Anonymous said...

- that belt is dope, ur style is always bomb.
- so much alcohol in these pics, it kind of made me drunk.
- 10.deep sweater is proper.
- who's bum is dancing, i want names.
- justice?! a hip hop head who listens to justice?! impressive.

hope you missed my comments, but i'm still staying anonymous

syntifik said...

ron: you and i need to party together.. RIGHT NOW. shots!

- *blushblush
- what i'm sayin bro
- I KNOW RIGHT! i want it
- you get theirs, when i get yours
- hey now, i can be eclectic!
i have no idea which anonymous poster you are, so i'm not sure. but all comments are thoroughly enjoyed.
if you don't wanna post ur name, u should at least post a fake name so i know which comments are from you. i officially dub you.......timothy.

Maribeth said...

1st: looks like mad fun.. for more reasons than one lol
3rd: Whenever I'm about to bring my drink into bathrooms I think about toilets flushing and gross particles flying into my drinks.... gross I know.
4th: Yes I will have some.
5th and 6th: LOL LOL LOL
7th: Maybe this is the point your lollipop got stuck in your hair
8th: thashcoot
9th: Canadinn bars = dirty white booty.
10th: The light looks like it could be the dudes nose. HA!
12th: That is a dope sweater. I WANT!
13th: as he wiped his tears from his face, botcho said.. "buck up chum, things will get better"
14th: Your hair looks pretty against the blue tile and silver toilet handle. seriously.

I remember a night almost as sloppy as alive. We were celebrating Fritz's bday at TYC with Theara, Evin, Shaun, and couple other boys. We got in, we drank... mostly tequila shots, I puked in the club, got cleaned up, drank more, left, puked in front of Fritz's house. Passed out at home.
Sure I was the wasted one but Fritz was the sloppy one. He puked several times, manage to trip on cement and scrape his face, and then the guys had to carry him into bed LOL
Its those kinda nights you treasure ya kno?

Maribeth said...

oh and one more cuz my last comment wasn't long enough already lol.

i know we said those hats only look good on Common. I've only seen one other person rock that hat and look mad cute in it. This boy I teach in Catechism named Maxwell, whos the coolest, cutest and sweetest kindergarten boy you'll ever meet! Oh and he also does hip hop dance. EEEK. I hope my child is just as fly.

Anonymous said...

so tj says to me "i wanna watch zombie land" and i said "zombie land looks like a horrible movie lets watch paranormal activity" and he said "botcho wants to watch zombie land" and then i saw this on ur blog. HAHA. we'll watch it with you : )

Ron said...

I might not be able to keep up with you. I nurse drinks now.... lol

Anonymous said...

your obsession with zombies creeps me out...and kind of turns me on


Shorty know how vocabulary suppose to spill
My diagnosis - ill
Buzzed off the different tonics sipped
Chronics lit
Tripping on how many dons have slipped
Cause when shorty stroll through, dudes got a habit to stare
Look good in whatever fabric you wear
You got men falling and it aint cause gravity's there
Real talk ma knows how to keep the leg lean
Even in the winter she still know how to get green
Truth is, shorty's the truth kid
She got all the qualities that all ya'll dudes dig

Maribeth said...


syntifik said...

maribeth: A+ for the essay, and the song.. good lawd. i don't like the common hats, honestly, i think common rocks them well, but i don't think common is hot either. i wouldn't bang dude. nas rocked one once and i was highly disappointed.. but we're burying that moment under the rug. FRENCH FRIES.. ON THE FLOOR.. BIG MAC.. everyyybooodeeehhhh!!

ali: LETS GO SOON! i leave in 8 days!!!! :(

ron: you fucking pansy. start training now! i expect you ready within a month!

anonymous: watch zombieland with me, you can meet me there.. i'll be easy to find as i'll be jacking off in the first row.

carm: WATCH OUT FOR THIS MAN TORONTO.. he's ill na na..! he's gonna do big things for ur city!! &he's more hungry than drake. believe thaaatttt.