Sunday, October 11, 2009


so i totally just got home.. when i totally have to be out the door again at 6!! UGH. what is this life! i'm not complaining too much, i like the busy. but chyea, i just don't wanna get ready. i totally should be doing that now, but here i am..
i need lashes, and i think everyone should buy me lashes.. why?! cuzz.. it'd be a nice thing to do? k cool. thanks. sephora why do you burn my wallet whyyyyyy!!
in other news, i finally got my contacts in the mail today, THREE WEEKS LATE! yeahyeah!! let's just hope i don't rip them in the first week like every other pair i've owned..!!
in more news, WHAT IS WITH GOSSIP GIRL!! stop adding celebrities dammit! you make it hard to watch.. it loses its realness.. and what's with the lighting?! why does everybody look all orange and homo now!? daH faCk mayne.
speaking of "daH faCk".. daH faCk mather nature! what is you sayinnn?! what is with your bitch ass?! i love christmas! but yo.. chill out on the cold yo. this wind is not doin wonders for my hair.
watching movies totally was killin shit this weekend, but i juzz couldnt do it.. so i was kinda really thrilled when bianca called. alive turned out to be alright. i'm sick as dog, so my fever was through the roof, i tried to jump and rage away my sickness but with no success. the beer made me feel better, but that's juzz because i love beer. the scale doesn't love beer though. cot damn. can i get a jog up in this mother fucker?!
my wallet is so hurtin! when did i get all these adult expenses and shit?! i'm like "yo i'll just win the lottery" but buying a lotto ticket isn't in my budget.. ferrfuxxxsake.

uncle: i think you must have been smoking pot in here
botch: what?! what are you talking about?!
mom: well what is that bottle?
uncle: yeah, it's for pot.
botch: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

ugh i should totally get ready.. even though i just wanna lay here..
i'll be back later cuz i am in a bloggin zone right now.


Anonymous said...

"the scale doesn't love beer though. cot damn. can i get a jog up in this mother fucker?!"

I can actually hear you saying that, and it made me lol.

- Ryan

Botch said...

What can I say?! Ima fuckin comedian aaaaaaAaaYyyy!!

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