Monday, February 22, 2021


 I've been putting a lot of time focusing on my self. My growth, my finances, my new space. As all these things have come to me, it's only now that I'm finally starting to realize that I've somewhat neglected allocating my time toward other things that fulfill my life.

How are you, really?

What are three things that have inspired you this month?

What were the bad/good things that happened today?

What do you need right now that you aren't communicating?

Can I help you?

These are a few questions that I'm approaching the world with today. A friend of mine is currently going through a traumatic experience that made me realize how quickly you could lose someone, especially during all of Covid. I've been there. This shit is hard. I hope I can offer some peace and some love, since I've been going through a complete turn around of a year, I'm in a good place to have conversations right now.

I hope if you're reading this, you know that you mean something to me. Whether we know each other, or not. If we don't, you took the time to visit me, to read my words. That is the entire world to me! I've always wanted to connect to just one person, and my heart soars knowing that it might be *you*. So thank you, you've shaped me.

If we do know each other, hi.  I hope you're happy, I hope you're well. I'm not always around, but I'd like to chat when you're free. Message me.

I love you, and hope you saw a cute dog today.