Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Despite things being a little heavy and my head being a little crazy, I have been carrying myself very well. This month's playlist was one that I really, really felt. I felt the beats, I felt the lyrics, I felt the emotion and the stories. A lot of them are chillwave or indie, but you'll still find a few classic bops. I did A LOT of listening to music this month as I was in situations that allowed me to do so. Two people asked me to create them playlists this month, so I listened to some of my old favorites and researched blogs and new artists and also compiled them into mine. Some of these songs are absolute favorites but I knew nothing about the artist(s) behind the music, so I took time to do that. Some days I felt sad, some days I felt ok, some days I felt sexy, some days I felt anxious, some days I just felt. I am so many things. A disco queen. A hip hop head. A punk rocker. A sad girl. An indie lover. An electro bunny. I really have a vast taste in music because I am committed to good music, period. The genre has never mattered. My personality is all over the map, why would my music taste be any different?! Anyway, this playlist is really, really, me. I hope it finds you well.