Thursday, July 30, 2020


And we all have, haven't we? Once. Or twice. Now. Or forever.

There was one day where we didn't cross their mind.
There was a moment when they thought of someone new, instead of you.
There was a time when they ate your favorite food and you were not even a thought, and food was simply a meal.
There was a second when your favorite song played, and your singing did not echo in their head.
There was a point when you sent a text but either a distraction proved more important, or time erased your existence.

I've been forgotten, many times.

I've been forgotten when my friendship wasn't enough.
I've been forgotten when a different girl replaced me for fragments of what I called relationships.
I've been forgotten at basketball practice.
I've been forgotten by the phone call delay, and delay, and delay.
I've been forgotten on the guest list.
I've been forgotten on the invitations.
I've been forgotten in the counts of "How many people today" at restaurants.
I've been forgotten in the group photo.
I've been forgotten by death, by sleep, by meals.

I've been forgotten, many times..

I'm forgetting.

But, I'm still here.