Monday, April 4, 2016


The Malecon (seafront) is probably my favorite part of Puerto Vallarta, I mean duh, right? Sergio Bustamante sculpted about 10 sculptures over the next mile, and my absolute fave is the one pictured. It's entitled, "En Busca de la Razón", "In Search of Reason". Yup those are pillowheads searching for something that is completely unknown to its audience. I have the exact same picture from 16 years ago. I mean, Sergio is definitely a little strange right? He's definitely living in some sort of whimsical, fairy, dreamland, and I am more than happy to accept it and be a part of it.

The idea of covering myself in sand every day for work exhausts me. Can you imagine what the bathroom floor of these guys look like? You know when you get home from a pure ocean/beach beat up day, and you shower and there's just sand.. in every place.. ever? Yeah. Well imagine these guys' eyelids! True artists!

Same with the gold bronze guys. I mean it was averaging 30 C / 86 F. That's dedication. I rarely put on mascara for work, and I work in scrubs. Getting ready to be a bronze statue must take so much time. This guy actually did kiss me mid photo, and I was a little disconcerted by it. Laughed it off and when tips were offered, he insisted "No tips, her kiss was enough". This was my first marriage proposal in Puerto Vallarta. If ever you're looking to jump a few confidence levels, start here.

I'm not wearing make up in these photos. Despite being proud of the fact, I feel like I also should say it because "DAAAAAMNNN eyebags, back at it again with the dark circles". This is what happens when you sleep for 4 hours and then decide to explore PV. Worth it, so worth it.

Part 2 mañana!


Anonymous said...

I will kill this man whom laid his lips on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful on that ladder!!!