Saturday, November 15, 2014


I see him from time to time, at concerts, at bars. We run into each other. We give each other a hug, a more-than-2-second-hug. We laugh and discuss music, art parties, and new food joints. He looks great and maybe we dance a little. Maybe we text sometimes, maybe we see movies together, we thrift shop together or end up in the same neighborhood and use each other for a recovery couch on drunken nights.

WE HAVE NEVER HOOKED UP. There is this whole "girls can't be friends with guys" religion that almost everyone seems to be joining. I treat that shit like a cult. I have very much so, fallen for my male friends and they have become boyfriends. Or, I have had male friends fall for me. So, I can see the view behind the opposite sex friends never working theory.. but truth.. it isn't always like that. We need to learn to read the differences, or we'll have strict rules and we'll be scared of who our special someone talks to. Grilling every girl/guy that hugs your mate is stressful. Take your jealousy pants off for a second. If you're in a relationship, and it's great, it will stay great. If it isn't, it's equally as much of the partner as it is the outsider.

If we forever judge our significant other's body language and mistake it for something it isn't, we're looking for trouble that isn't there.

I'm not attracted to any one of my male friends right now. Do I find them good-looking? Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah. They're gorgeous. Hitting the sack with any of the dudes in my life right now is so far out of my mind, I couldn't even imagine it.

Take those eyes somewhere else, girl. We're just friends.