Saturday, November 29, 2014


I've been in a real weird place lately. Now, being in a weird place hasn't been so bad. For instance, it's helped me to discover some really wonderful tracks that are really fitting with my mood. You know when people fuck you over and lie to you?! You know when you just want to cry for no reason?! You know when you feel lonely in a room full of people?! Well, there's a song for that! I have a bunch of songs that gave me chills after the jump.

PETITE NOIR! J'ADORE! Comme c'est merveilleux! Faites de ce jour, un jour bon! Love the video so much as well. LOVE.

Super gloomy and promising. Ugh, kiss me please.

Thank you FKJ for remixing this remix into the best thing ever.

Painfully beautiful.

Lion Babe and Childish Gambino, so. YUMMERZ.

Yeah. Pretty much sums it up.


Another one by Honne, but I couldn't not post it because this is one that's going to be on loop for a long long long long time. Sometimes I wish music would follow me everywhere, and when I walked into a room a song would play for my entry. For December, it'd be this song. Stayin warm all winter with this one.