Friday, June 22, 2012


So a while back, Lex and I were walking downtown. Underneath some random urban scaffolding, four boys (over the age of 30, but I refuse to call them "men") were preaching. Among their "teachings", they said things like, "A woman is NOT EQUAL to a man!", "You are all going to burn in hell, and only the men will be standing", "The end of the world is near for all you 'WOMEN'", and some further bull shit about Mars and Venus. Now, I deal with Downtown daily, so I was fainting it out with traffic noise, until one of them says to me, "Yeah that's right you pussy ass bitch, you ain't got shit to say now, huh?!".
I was fucking floored. Now, we were there. Faced against four grown (physically, not mentally) people. I wish I could insert some heroic climactic twist here, but in reality, we just kept walking. I mean, let's face this realistically. There were four of them, and two of us. I think this is why they felt so "empowered" to "teach". They were kind of un-touchable. Also, with the way these fucks were talking, it wouldn't have been a surprise, had they chose to hit me. I felt intimidated, degraded, and assaulted.
Which takes me to the idea of the whole "Society teaches us 'don't get raped' instead of 'don't rape'". In this situation it was "'Don't get assaulted' instead of 'don't assault'".
A couple minutes later, I saw a female fully give them the finger, yell how they were pussies.. and soon after security came and told them to leave the sidewalk. They didn't go out without a verbal spew-age of bull shit though.
I couldn't even decide if the woman was appropriate either. Did I envy her? Oh fuck yeah, beyond imagine. She was a fucking Goddess to me at that point. I just wasn't sure of the right manner to handle the whole thing.
I wasn't hit hard when he said "Women aren't equal to men", that was his opinion. Whatever.. BUT, when he verbally attacked me, and called me a "bitch". THAT was what bothered me. The only thing I got from this, was the fact that I can't believe people think this way. I've always understood people are going to believe in things that I don't agree with. I just never believed in the idea of trying to FORCE that on to others.

Now, before we criticize the way Botch curses on the daily, let me just throw up the fact that these guys did it to a complete stranger, whom they knew nothing about, JUST because she was a female, to try and emotionally break her.

There are three things that I try to refrain from talking about, they include: Justin Bieber, rape, and religion. If you ever hear me getting into a conversation about any of the mentioned, please grab me and save me from a verbal apocalypse.

You know what?! Fuck it. Fuck those dudes, fuckin' dickless, ignant, small-minded, asshole type arrogant fucks. The four of you are going to run into the wrong group of people with that kind of a mouth, and I can only hope you "learn" something. Hmph.