Tuesday, June 26, 2012



I remember the first Nightmares on Wax song I heard, it's called "Nights Interlude". As soon as I heard it, I was sold. I MEAN, ERRRRMMMM, HELLO! He samples the fucking Pharcyde! "Nightmares on Wax" is such a brilliant name. That's the exact feeling you get when you listen to this dude. It's almost creepy, but in such a way that you wish you could listen to it in your nightmares forever.

Electronic sounds and hip hop beats make up this man from the UK. What's not to love?! Yum. Eat it for breakfast.

This veteren b-boy takes hip hop and experiments with it. He loops, dubs, splices, chops, backtracks.. he basically takes hip hop, electro and treats them like chocolate and strawberries.. two things that are already good transformed into something even better.

Dj Ease (his dj name) released his latest in 2009.. but if you're just finding out who he is, his discography is a heavy belt, so go ahead, trip to the hop, and get in the know, or should I say, the now. Hehe. I'm hilarious.

Smooth out and cool out my bruvvahz, and listen to deez tracks.
The fuck was that about.

This one is my current favorite: