Sunday, October 24, 2010

51,111 THANK YOUS.

this whole blog thing doesn't really phase me sometimes. so i have a few thousand readers, but it never really feels like it.
the whole reason i ever started blogging, was i felt it was the only way i knew HOW to do things. my mom let me have my first journal when i was five. i still have it. she had these journal type notebooks which she used for inventory lists at the restaurant she owned. she literally had piles and piles of them.. well, being a five year old at a restaurant during closing time felt like a lifetime.. for both me and her lol.. that was until i saw this one notebook that caught my eye. it had two puppies on the front cover. i loved puppies (still do) and i didn't know why else other than the love for puppies, but i had to have it. i asked my mom for it, and she immediately said yes, more than likely the thought of something keeping me busy rather than me writing a novel.
i grabbed a red pen, and sat in the booth of her empty restaurant. it made me feel important, something that was mine.. and it was very grown up. i felt like a grown up. i spend that first day writing my name. at five, it was the only thing i knew how to write/spell. i wrote it all over the inside cover, and i think i even scribbled one out because i accidentally spelled my own name wrong the first time.
but, i kept at it, every time we closed the restaurant. i'd grab my journal. soon entries filled with my days, and things i made at school. from recess, to my dad passing away.. to elementary.. to junior high.. to first crushes, and math tests.. to high school, to grad, to dates, and boyfriends.. to now. since the age of five, i have never stopped writing.. be that on the internet, or in a notebook. be that with proper grammer, or just my name over and over. i haven't stopped..
and the whole reason i do this, is because over the past seventeen years, this has become my life. & if i can get that one person who relates to a simple experience, or a traumatic event, or a fucked up night, or a party, then just for that second, i'm sitting there, back in that booth. excited about showing my mom what i wrote.
whether you've connected with me or not, whether you've commented or not.. you've helped me, to become most thankful for people who take a second out of their lives, to take a step into mine.




Anonymous said...

I would like to say I would happily take ownership for the ps3, ipad, maybe some of the iphone, not sure about the psp, and we can share the firefox.

but you are welcome

I Was Here said...

Your welcome! I love your blog! You have that edgy personality, maybe if I wasn't a mom, maybe just maybe, I would have that "I dont give a fack, I do me all day everyday" personality. ;)

p.s I'm a budweiser lover as well
It's not the preferred Texan beer here in Houston. Eeeeeh (Kanye shrug)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Botch!
Love this blog, and I love you.
Don't ever stop, I'll have nothing to do during the day if you do. Trust, your blog is all I do at work.
So really, Thank YOU.

Anonymous said...
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pie said...

i lost your blog for awhile, but i found it again and i'm glad you're still fucking kicking ass and taking names. love it!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH..BOTCH. I fucking love you !!!! Congrats on the hits!!

- Adrian

Anonymous said...

Your blog never fails. I think you're one of the few people on the internet that is real. You aren't trying to be cool, you're real. So thanks and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented before I think godays the right day. You're one in a million. Love the blog. Love your stories and love how straight up you are. You never hold back. Ill comment again when you make it to 100,000 ;)
Keep bloggin botch. I read every week !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's supposed to say today btw not goday lol

syntifik said...

#1: you can have them all, i want a mac air. BUY ME ONE!

#2: thankkks girly! i'm sure you have that personality even if it's deep down inside you!! babies change nothin ;)
i look forward to one day having a beer with ya. I CAN ONLY HOPE.
that kanye shrug made me lol

#3: THAAAANKKKSSS! glad i feed that work boredom!

#4: see, you DID change it, the last one i done seen was something with villain in it. stop changing it so we can stay friends.

#5: i'm glad you found it too! "kicking ass and taking names" makes me sound way cooler than i actually am haha.. but thanks a lot!

#6: you fuckin monkey!

#7: WOW! that's flattering. thank you so much. i really am trying to be cool though, so glad it's working ;) LOL. no thank you, really from every single part of me, thank you.

#8: broke the comment cherry huh?! nice to have you on board. i hope i make to 100,000.. it's a tough task but why the fuck not, let's aim high.. THANKS!

THAAANKSSS EVERYBODY, and to quote cool kids, "you'll never catch me sayin' i'm the best, but my fans'll tell ya."

Anonymous said...

omg botch, delete it already the site already!! lol

Anonymous said...

damn my grammar! delete my entry already! all three lol.

syntifik said...

geeze, fuckin princess!
it's deleted.