Sunday, April 18, 2010


hey guyyyyssss.. so i received a lot of questions this week!.. i got a lot of great questions, and picking my brain made my day.. so thanks for your continued interest! so i just finished answering them.. read the answers after the jump..
Favorite Chick flick?
the notebook.. and mean girls! lol

Favorite Drama TV show?
gossip girl.

Favorite Comedy TV show?
the office!.. and friends!

how do you feel about mainstream music?
some days, i want to take all radios, and smash them.
.. but i enjoy me a good britney tune..! lol

what's your take on plastic surgery?
i think it's silly.. unless you were like in a fatal car crash or something.. i hate boob jobs.
i think flaws can sometimes be the most amazing things about people.

If you could have dinner with three people.. alive or dead...who would they be and why?
my dad, nas and my mom.
i say nas because, well hello. he's the biggest inspiration in my life aside from my parents.. and i say my parents, because they're my inspiration and guard.. i said my dad because i admire him so much, and would love a meal with him.. i can't really remember what that's like.. and if i'm having dinner with my pops, my mom deserves the same!

what are you most insecure about?

would you ever bang on the first date?
this is a doozy. i feel like guys are dicks, and no matter what kind of person you are, if you bang on the first date, it's a wrap. they're going to think you're trashy.. i'm going to say, NO i wouldn't bang on a first date, but fuck.. everyone makes mistakes.. and i'm everyone. i respect myself, and want to be treated the same.. so hopefully, banging on the first date won't go down if i'm really diggin this guy..
unless it's like.. nas. then yooooo..

favorite books? any recommendations?
i LOOOOOVEEEE strega by andrew vachss.. AMAZING author.. and after strega, i couldn't let go of him.. but strega is still my favorite.. i also like "if tomorrow comes" by sidney sheldon, it's the only book that i've read more than 5 times.
i read fight club by chuck pahlahniuk, and it was the only book by him that i read.. and someone suggested rant to me, which was great! the last books i finished were invisible monsters (sweet book) and choke by him.. so i dig him too!
there you go, you have a whole list..! hope it lasts you:)

fav character on gossip girl?

are you a jealous person?
i try not to be, but i totally am.. with everything.. when my friends get new friends i get a little un-easy. like "I SHOULD BE YOUR ONLY FRIEND!" ahha.. and i get jealous of people i feel are better at something than i am.. and when it comes to the boyfriend, if i see a girl talking to him.. i'll freak out.. but i freak out inside, bite my lip and restrain myself. the thing about my jealousy is i know it's stupid, so i cover it up with cockiness and hope that no one sees the diff!

do you have an alter ego?lol
uhm.. some times i feel like i do.. i tend to do really horrible selfish things some times, without thinking they're horrible.. and then later, i'll feel guilty.. and debate with the guilt.. like "eh it wasn't THAT bad" when it really was lol.. watch out, i'm trouble.

What's your favorite genre of music?
hip hop.

thanks again for all the questions.. i look forward to what you have to ask this week!!