Wednesday, November 12, 2008


well. kind of. i was about to cross the street and a block of ice the size of a phone book hit my backpack. missed me by centimeters. everyone just gasped, one lady said, "well that sure isn't safe." yeah. no shit lady. & one dude said "yo. you almost died!" ahahha. i was kinda like wow. that is some big ice! bitches be careful!! THAT IS SOME FINAL DESTINATION SHIT FORREALS. returned my camera for a new one today too:) TIS EXCITING.. tis VERY exciting. in other news, my head is slowly getting, "straight". i'm like.. doing good & shit. kinda. sorta. well. actually.. ahahha. faCk! im getting there i think. i just need to like, not give in as much. yo wassup, boys are shiesty! this weekend is gonna be a rager. A VERY RESPONSIBLE RAGER.. lol. LETS KICK OFF BITCHES!! ima call it the "plaid if you wanna at my bar cuz barack obama loves the ufc from italia!!!!!!" & if you think that's a ridiculous title, then you should stay home bitches! let's party like it was 2005..!!
& if you don't remember what that was like, lemme re-fresh ur memory.....

fack. i was a skinny bitch.

today was a very good day, aside from almost dying.. i got to go to the gym, and it was the first time i showered there without a bikini (i forgot mines). it helped that there weren't any women in the changing room.. but EVEN STILL. it was a very triumph'y moment for me.. + a new camera.. i dunno what else, but i swear there was more good shit to make it awesome. uhhh. yessum. that is all.