Sunday, March 29, 2020


Wow, we sure went to never hearing that sentence at all to hearing it nearly every day.

On February 3rd, my blog entry read, "I'm at a very weird point in my life where I'm trying to identify myself, for myself. Except, I feel like I never have the time to do so.. and making time just seems so, MINE".


The youth outreach centre I work at, has closed, the Women's Centre I work at, has closed. I'm still working in the healthcare sector, because .. well, during this time, healthcare definitely won't close.

So, although, yes, I am still working through this global pandemic, AND, I will be putting in a lot of overtime, and have been.. I've definitely been "given" time.

I am no longer seeing my friends, I go from work, to home, and occasionally to the grocery store, but that's it. There is no in between. We HAVE to. I realize I am privileged to continue to work, I realize however that I am also at a higher risk than most of my friends and family members due to my career. I feel a great deal of wanting to continue to help, but also feel limited in doing so, I somehow wish I could do more.

So, although certain areas of my life have definitely gotten busier. Some areas of my life have slowed down, and I need to use it. I write this to hold myself accountable. CREATE. DREAM. WISH. Do your makeup now and then. Get dressed up. Have a dance party in your room. Brainstorm on how you can be effective during this situation. HELP. Aim to help in any way you can. Write. Make a poem. Read. GROW. Use these times, we often ask for it and aren't given it.

Plus, you're doing your part. Staying home ensures the safety of humanity.

Staying home is just as important as the frontline healthcare workers, it's just as essential as grocery store and city working employees. Stay home, grow, and continue to live. Resiliency is key.

In knowing that this has now become a cliche, I must reiterate, we are in this together, be well.