Wednesday, February 19, 2020


It's a problem.

I spent the last week on "holidays". The quotation marks are because I actually worked for most of it. I helped organize a fundraiser, I worked a fundraiser, I volunteered in teaching kids how to write and mail letters, I built things, I crafted, I helped paint props for a show, and I wrote. I have not been able to sit still for very long since I was a child. I grew up watching my mom and dad work long hours, 6-7 days a week, 12-24hr shifts.. THAT ISN'T AN EXAGGERATION. They really worked that. However, I also saw them get glam and party every weekend. They were business owners and often attended large fundraisers or award shows. Well.. the apple doesn't fall very far..

However, my mom and dad always took one day a week, and set a slot of time, anywhere between an hour to ten hours.. and they STOPPED. They probably collapsed from exhaustion.. but they either sat by the pool, napped, or had a drink to themselves.. and during that time, we weren't allowed to talk to them. It was theirs, so leave 'em alone.

Well during one day of my vacation, I SKIPPED EVERYTHING. I stayed in bed and watched TikToks for legitmately 6 hours. I.. I don't even know what to say. I can't stop. In discussing TikToks, my brother said something like, "How can you watch other people?! Yuck!".

I mean, I guess.. So if you're in my close circle, I apologize for all the TikToks I send you, but I can't stop, and I likely won't stop because all of this shit is comedic GOLD. I need to make a blog post of my fave TikToks one day.. however, here's one til that day comes (if ever :P)..