Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I keep saying I'm sorry when I have nothing to be sorry for
Ignoring the sorry's coming at me from all kinds of wars
My whole heart's at shore - trying to swim;
but I can't win, only sink, breath thin
Getting texts with a yellow faced grin
Yellow face but no face telling me how to feel
Cigarettes as meals
Whole world stands still
Trying to breathe, can't find my feet
While my best friend's in Houston running for her soul
Running for answers and sunshine, running for whole
-self, I can't help -
and that's the roughest
When your world's the toughest and you can't reach
Can't sleep, can't eat
Just sink - deep
Listening to music in crowded rooms
Hoping someone hears me soon
They're all talking, all dancing, all full
Off Thanksgiving meals and booze and I pull
Pull them near, pull them close
so the ghost
of yesterday isn't my today
because my today is right now
Show me how
oh please, show me how to swim
so the yellow face grin
is more recognizable, more true
more Botch, more me, more you
No more I'm sorry's, when they're phony, we need air
So we go outside for a cigarette and solitude
Guy hits on you and it's kinda rude
So we run back to the room of crowded faces
Such crowded places
But no yellow faces
So she sits, sits by the dj for her comfort spaces
Amazing how big this maze is
But it feels okay to be lost because lost isn't apologetic, lost isn't sorry
Lost isn't the end or phony, it's real time, to this feeling story
So breathe. Tread. Swim.
Dig. Deep. In.
Breathe. Tread. Swim.
Dig. Deep. Win.


Unknown said...
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I Was Here said...

I love you!


Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. I just... you're so amazing!!!!!