Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Do not babysit. Take care of yourself. If one isn't helping you, they do not see your helping hand. MOVE. MAKE MOVES. Grind. PUSH. Push until everything you've wanted in the past year is yours and then PUSH HARDER. Never let anyone know how much money is in your bank account. If anyone goes through your phone without permission, let them go. Learn to trust. Learn that mistakes are okay. It's okay to grieve. It is okay to cry. Pain is real, and must be felt. It makes us human. Be mature. Don't be jealous. Be thoughtful. Never ask where it is, look first. Take things apart. Listen more, talk about yourself less. Take care of animals. Accept weirdos. Wear something you're afraid to. Shine more. Stand up for yourself. Teach yourself something new. Never stop learning. Never stop exploring. Work as hard as you can at work, but play as hard as you can at play. Learn to do both. Don't let anyone judge your choices if they are not hurting yourself or others. Cut your hair. Dye your hair. Smell roses. Buy someone flowers. Be organized. Ask questions. Read more. Don't show off. Don't brag. Don't be arrogant. Remember where you came from. Respect your elders. Be kind and gentle. Be honest. Be sociable. Watch your tone. Change your mannerisms to suit situations. Laugh louder. Take chances. Dance. Love.

Be yours. Be mine. Be wonderful. Be everything that is charming, electric, spontaneous, and wholesome. Be every great day, to help get past every bad.