Thursday, February 13, 2014


VALENTINE'S DAY IS TOMORROW! Never fear. Okay, so if you're super last minute, like I am, you might be freaking your zonkers out right now. Well, hold your zonkers in place. Breathe for a second. Everything will be okay. You will survive, and you can do so on a budget, believe me.

CARDS: The only thing I've ever asked for when it comes to birthdays/holidays/love day is a card. Hand made cards are the best! Nothing says love love like some elbow grease and hand drawn hearts. I CHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU for instance, makes you wanna cry love tears. Be cute. Be you. Be creative. And if you're freaking out about making a fancy card, just throw some glitter on it, everyone loves glitter. Well, they should.

FLOWERS: Halt, who goes there?! Is that the scent of "Omg what a cliché" I smell?! Stop! Hold the non-creativity hotline! Flowers are almost so "over-rated" that they've stopped being given. It's so cold outside that a flower would warm your space with lovey lovey. DO flowers, and if you don't know what kind of flowers, get a suggestion from the florist. A single flower is still romantic. As long as you pick a warm one. Stick with warm colors, pinks, reds, purples.

BEING NICE: This can stretch so far. A massage. A clean room. The dishes done. Dinner. Chocolate. A mixtape. I assure you, all this day is about, is love. So make your significant other feel loved, but more importantly, love yourself! Enjoy your being. Get dapper, get dolled up, put on an outfit you look damn good in. Send a few "I love you" texts to friends you love. Eat. Indulge. Laugh. If you are single, do not fret. Chocolate is 50% off on Saturday!! Oh, and also, vodka. Vodka is basically my plan. There's always plan V(odka).

My Valentine's gift to you, is a FREE download of "Say You'll Be There"! Mo did a cover of the Spice Girl's classic, so you're freaking welcome: CLICK HERE

I love you all! Happy birthday, Cudder.