Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am young, I'm in my prime yo. I actually have said that since I was 17. I'm really not sure how long your "prime" lasts, but apparently to me, it goes on for quite a few years. I've never been bothered by age. I mean, I know from everyone over the age of 25, you must be like, "THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE STILL YOUNG.". But no. I'm really not scared of being old, I'm scared of goals and accomplishing stuff, but age? Nah. Not really.

But today I have serious acid reflux. It is driving me insane. Not just that! My back hurts. All the time. I get heartburn, and my joints crack, and sometimes I pull muscles by putting my jacket on, or bending to pick something up. My hands cramp, and I drop things. Sometimes I'll just lose total control of my hand. I've broken a few mugs.

My memory is shit, my eye bags are dark, there's never a moment where I'm not tired and right now I'm spitting up stomach acid.

Did you know caffeine gives you heartburn?! HOW DO YOU LIVE AS AN ADULT WITHOUT COFFEE?! You can't. There is no way. So destroy yaself, we losing.

I mean, I remember being a kid watching Days of Our Lives with my Ena (babysitter), and commercials for everything I just mentioned would play. I never understood it, but I knew what they were for - old people.

Is that where I am?! Do kids look at me and think I'm old? Ah. Fuck you kids, I don't care about you stupid punks. Get off my daisies! *throws cat*

I just dislike these issues. I dislike avoiding certain foods because of heartburn, or being all elastic-y and being able to bend however I wanted to. I debated on whether or not I should put a *wink* after that previous sentence, just to let you know.

Age doesn't matter, but function does.

Oh God, my heart hurts.

GERD is a real bitch y'all.