Tuesday, January 27, 2009


wanna go see a movie? no. wanna go to hifi? no. wanna shop? NO. wanna sit on ur bed and color? hellz ya baby. long day. today will be the day i organize my closet. i say this every month or so, but i only do a half job. no more! it's getting done, TODAY. ATTN HOCKEY PLAYERS: 7th player needed for shinny hockey @ the forks for this coming weekend, and if you suck, pls dis-regard this message. looking for champs baby. it's FREE, so HOLLA! hip hop is going hard right now. so is life. everything is fucking awesome, i just complain a lot when really i have nothing to complain about. everything is mint. i don't miss facebook, surprise, i know. i'm shocked. i really thought i would, give it two days. lol. quitting smoking = fail. i like smoking too much, i just don't feel like quitting right now. i told tim i relapsed and he said "no one can get on you, you gotta do it yourself, and it won't happen til you're ready." thanks for the non-guilt trip tim. im'a get on it by the time i'm 30.. or something. so when you threw my ring away, i just realized today, you pawned it. rats. OKAY CLOSET, here i come...

mission organization = fail. mission gossip w/bonibelle = all day.