Tuesday, March 9, 2021


I was unbelievably sad last Friday, but had trouble pin pointing what was keeping me down. I found out last Saturday that my cousin had passed away from Covid. Odd how sometimes things like that just.. line up. The last time I saw him was at his mom's funeral, which was only a few months ago when we just started lockdown. The funeral was by appointment only due to Covid, so it was short, we had time together but not much, maybe a couple of hours. We talked about past slumber parties, the BBQ my dad made, his dad's jokes. We agreed that another cousin reunion was due soon when "all of this was over".

He introduced me to his fiance and was happy to speak of her. I will forever remember that moment of praise for one of my lasting memories of him. See you later, Kuya P.

People come and people go, and it's another day on this big rock in a grand universe where I examine my purpose, what I'm leaving behind, and who I'm leaving behind.

I love you, thank you for joining me, and hearing my words, reading them. Thank you.