Thursday, August 2, 2012


I AM SO FUCKING BEHIND. You know, I figured if I did like a little every day, I wouldn't be in this situation. EH. WRONG. I am fucking behind. I have shit to mail, stories to edit, walls to paint, clothes to pack, pillows to cry on.. BASICALLY. I am not going to get everything done by my deadline, even if I stay up all night.. which is my exact plan.
Yes, we are planning an all-nighter. Should we add in the following factors, work at 8am, and leaving the city at 6pm. Yeah. Why not. Let's just add those in to make it all a little more exciting. WHY OH WHY DID I SAY YES TO SO MANY THINGS?! Why oh why did I party so much?! Oh yeah. 'Cause it's fun.
Whatever, I brought this all upon myself, blah blah yeah, save your lectures people! This is my blog and I complain however the fuck I want! YEAH. OKAY. LET'S CRY NOW.

TASK NUMBER ONE: Organize your billion tasks.

I held back in calling myself a dumb fuck a lot in this post. Yay.